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3081013 - Discount Fields and Pricing Facet Not Showing On Opportunity Despite Set Visible In Adaptation Mode


Despite having set the 'Discount' fields and the 'Pricing' facet visible in Adaptation mode, you cannot see them in the UI of some of your opportunities.


  • Overall Discount (%) > opportunity header (text node Labe;l text pool ID fSPOgUJV4KMMblgD_XpNnW
  • Discount (%) - List Column >> item level (text node Label; text pool ID AGCp0$oN0awkOmhrZxKBy0


SAP Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Sales work centre
  2. Go to the Opportunities view
  3. Open any
  4. Enter Adaptation mode
  5. Set the following as visible:
  • Pricing facet
  • Field: Overall Discount (%) > opportunity header (text node Labe;l text pool ID fSPOgUJV4KMMblgD_XpNnW
  • Field: Discount (%) - List Column >> item level (text node Label; text pool ID AGCp0$oN0awkOmhrZxKBy0

Result: both fields and the facet are available to be added and set as visible via Adaptation mode, but do not show in the opportunity UI.


The visibility of certain price fields is document type dependent. This is true for discount fields.

If the opportunity document type is not marked for internal pricing, the opportunity will not have an internal pricing document linked.

This pricing document is a pre-condition to be able to see the pricing facet, as well as certain price fields (such as discount/ overall discount) in the UI.

In adaptation mode, ALL theoretically possible fields/facets are shown which are available on the base-UI frame of the object. This is to make it easier for the key user to be able to handle them. Nevertheless concrete document and system data decides on certain fields/facets actual visibility in the UI if there is a dependency. Dependencies can come from system settings such as scoping, document types, customized settings, layout, etc.

In this case, the not-existing pricing document link (Business Configuration setting of the document type) prevents the display of the pricing facet.


First, please mark the option "Internal Pricing" in your opportunity document type. Please follow the bellow steps:

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work centre
  2. In the Implementation projects view, open the activity list
  3. Search for Opportunities and open
  4. Open "Maintain Document Types"
  5. Mark the option "Internal Pricing" next to the relevant opportunity document type (you can create new document types, if you wish).
  6. Now create a new opportunity with the document type for which pricing is switched on.
  7. Maintain a product to it (this is a condition for the Pricing facet to show up (if enabled in adaptation).

Second, you need to maintain the necessary settings in your Business Configuration: The price component is maintained in the pricing procedure. You need to configure the price strategy in your BC fine tuning.

  1. Repeat the above steps 1.&2.
  2. Search for Configure Price Strategy and open it
  3. You need to maintain the Price Component here.

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