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 What is the Time Zone of the Start Date field in the Application?


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The timezone of the start date field is the timezone of the server, as in general, all dates in Recruiting are stored in server timezone.

Eg: If the instance of a particular data center server belongs to the CEST timezone then the timezone of Start Date field is UTC+2.

"As of 2011, all member states of the European Union observe summer time (daylight saving time), from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October. States within the CET area switch to Central European Summer Time (CEST -- UTC+02:00) for the summer"

Please note that the timezone in Integration Center is always UTC irrespective of the server of the data center it belongs to. 

If you run an adhoc report in Reporting on a date field the timezone displayed is the timezone of the user running the report if the report is localized. If the report is not localized then it shows the server timezone.

This is the reason why you might see discrepancies with date fields in the instance, i.e. different dates or different times.  

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