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3084007 - Transport Analytical Content via Transport Management


This document explains how to transport multiple analytical objetcs via Transport Management


SAP Cloud for Customer


Follow below steps to transport analytical objects from source to target as below:

  1. Login to source tenant
  2. Go to Administrator work center
  3. Go to Transport Management work center view
  4. Click on + icon to create new transport request
  5. Provide details, save and open it
  6. Under tab "Transport Objects", click on Select for "Available Transport Objects"
  7. Select Analytical Content for Transport Object Type
  8. Select appropriate object type (Dashboard, Data Source, Key Figure, KPI, Report)
  9. For Object ID, select values as below:
    1. If there are multiple objects with same name, then rather than clicking on value help for Object ID, manually enter value as Account* (if you want to transport all objects as per previous step selection starting with word "Account", for example, if you have selected Report in step , then Account* will fetch all reports starting with Account) and click ok 
    2. if you need to transport only one object then click on value help, select the desired object and click ok
  10. Now check boxes for object(s) and click on "Add Selected"
  11. Repeat from step 5 to 9 if you want to add other analytical objects in the transport request
  12. Now under "Selected Transport Objects", you can see all relevant/associated objects which are ready for transport
  13. Go to tab "target Systems" and add system for target
  14. Save it
  15. Click on Actions and Assemble it
  16. Once assembled, release it
  17. Now login to target tenant
  18. Go to Administrator -> Transport Management
  19. Via drop down, select "Transport Requests Ready for Activation" and open the desired transport request
  20. Click on Actions and Activate it


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