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3084748 - Nothing happens when clicking on "Launch Query Designer"


After clicking on "Launch Query Designer" in Analysis Office, nothing happens and Query Designer is not launched.

All the prerequisites are in place, according to chapters below:

The Analysis Office trace file (recorded by following the instructions of SAP note 2129389), contains the entries below:
Launch Query Designer - Writing launcher file to C:\Temp\<FILENAME>.7xbex
Launch Query Designer - launcher file written successfully
Launch Query Designer - Starting the Process using file: C:\Temp\<FILENAME>.7xbex



SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Open a workbook in Analysis Office (or insert a query in a new workbook);
  2. Go to Analysis Design ribbon;
  3. Confirm that nothing happens after clicking on the button "Launch Query Designer". The BEx Query Designer is not opened.


File type ".7xbex" is not associated with BEx Query Designer but to another application in Windows.


Refer to SAP KBA 3093608 for more information about the button "Launch Query Designer".

Change the file type association in Windows, to make sure that files with extension "7xbex" are opened in BEx Query Designer as shown below:

File association.png

A simple test can be done by creating a file with extension ".7xbex" to confirm that this file launch BEx Query Designer after double-clicking on it. If this is not the case, AO will not be able to launch Query Designer too.

See Also

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