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3088867 - Support Depreciation Transfer in AuC Final Settlement


In the cloud edition, you settle an independent AuC (transaction AIBU) or an AuC of an investment measure (transaction CJ88 or KO88) to final asset. The APC amount of final asset is inherited from the APC of AuC and the depreciation start date is the final settlement date. The capital allowance of final asset is calculated incorrectly because the claimed capital allowance of AuC is not reduced.




This is a consulting note.


Take the restrictions of transfer variant in Cloud Edition into accounts.

  1. Transfer variant ‘0006’ (Line item settlement from independent AuC) is hard coded in AuC settlement. For more information, you can refer to Note 2020200.
  2. Due to Cloud restrictions, select ‘Adopt Depr. Start Date for Transfer’ will impact to all other company codes in different countries therefore this option is not allowed.

You cannot take advantage of the indicator ‘Adopt Depr. Start Date for Transfer’ to adopt the historical depreciation start date and capitalization date from the AuC. You can do the below steps to maintain them manually.

AuC acquisition and final settlement are posted in the same fiscal year:

If the asset value date of AuC is in the same fiscal year of final settlement, the capitalization date of the final asset should not be initialized, and the depreciation start date needs to be updated manually after the final settlement. Once the depreciation start date is changed, the depreciation value recalculation will be triggered and catch-up depreciation will be calculated. Anyhow, you can trigger the recalculation by click ‘Recalculate’ button.

AuC acquisition occurs in the prior fiscal year of final settlement:

  • Asset Master Data

If the asset value date of AuC is in the prior fiscal year of final settlement, you can create the final asset with “Post-Capitalization” indicator and then maintain the capitalization date that is equal to the asset value date of AuC. The depreciation start date will be change automatically to the capitalization date that you maintained when the final settlement.

In case you did not maintain the capitalization date during asset creation, the capitalized date and depreciation start date will be set to the asset value date of first acquisition or the final settlement. You are not able to change the capitalized date again, but you still can change the depreciation start date manually.

  • Post-Capitalization (Write-Up to APC)

For the final assets with capitalization date that you maintain in the asset creation, the final settlement will be considered as a subsequent acquisition since the posting is not done in the capitalization year. In this case, no catch-up depreciation would not be calculated, and depreciation would extend after end of useful life.

If you want the depreciation is calculated correctly, you can do Post-Capitalization (Write-Up to APC) transaction to correct the APC amount considering the depreciation vale of AuC. You can find details in the SAP Help Portal.


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