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3089951 - Sweden Per Diem calculation rates


You have created an Expense Report and want to understand how Sweden Per Diem rates are calculated


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Travel and Expenses work center.
  2. Select the view Expense Reports
  3. Search and find Expense Report XYZ (XYZ represents the Expense report ID).
  4. Under Reimbursements and Expense Summary Per Diem calculations are not as expected.


Per Diem calculation is based on different days for Sweden (Legal Requirement).


Below is an explanation on the rates that you can see in Business Configuration.

  1. Go to Business configuration work center
  2. Search and find the activity: Per Diem Rates for Meals - Sweden
  3. Here we can see a list of the rates.
  4. The Trip Length codes have a huge decision on 

To see how these Trip lengths effect the different rates you need to understand what the codes stand for, please see below explanation on the codes:

  • Trip Length 1 = one day trip
  • Trip Length 96 = First day of several day trip
  • Trip Length 97 = Last day of several day trip
  • Trip Length 98 = in between day < 24 hrs
  • Trip Length 99 = in between day = 24 hrs

Please also refer to the below examples:

Example 1:

Trip for 1 day, with traveling time duration for 12 hours.

Explanation: Here the trip is for one day, therefore 1st row of above mentioned configuration will decide the amount. For first day rates are mentioned as 0 there you get 0 amount in reimbursement.

Example 2:

Trip for more than one day that is calculating 480 SEK for 2 days.

Explanation: This trip is for several days so each of first day, last day and days in between will be used for reimbursement. Since this is only two day trip there is no days in between so first day and last day will give the total amount of 480. The rates will be picked from the row number 2, 3 for First day = 120 + 120 and from the row number 4, 5 for last day = 120 + 120. That is lunch, dinner (morning and evening meal) on day 1 and day 2 respectively.


Example 3:

Trip with different date but time is 12 hours -here system is calculating 240 SEK. Trip dates/times 11:00 PM TO 09:00 AM

Explanation: This trip is for 12 hr in time duration but if you see it has day 1 and day 2. So again first day and last day rates will decide the total reimbursement amount. First day Starts at 11 PM (Dinner/Meal in night) so rates will be picked from Row number 3 = 120. Last day ends at 9 Am (Meal in morning) so rates will be picked from Row number 4 = 120


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