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3093608 - Problems related to buttons "Launch Query Designer" or "Create Web Application"


This document describes the behavior of buttons "Launch Query Designer" and "Create Web Application", so it can be used as a troubleshooting guide in case these buttons are not working properly.


SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office


"Create Web Application"

Refer to chapter "Creating Web Applications" for more information about the functionality.

When clicking on "Create Web Application", AO uses the registry key below:
Where product_name and the respective exe file that AO will search in the location pointed by the registry key could be:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio -> SapDesignStudio.exe
  • SAP BusinessObjects Lumira Designer -> SapLumiraDesigner.exe
  • SAP Lumira Designer -> SapLumiraDesigner.exe

Note: AO starts looking for these tools from top to bottom. Which means that if Design Studio is found, AO will use this tool. Otherwise, it will search and use Lumira Designer.
This means that if both Design Studio and Lumira Designer are installed, AO will use Design Studio instead of Lumira Designer.

"Launch Query Designer"

Refer to chapters "Launching the Query Designer for editing a data source" and "SAP BW" for more information about the functionality and the prerequisites.

Analysis Office uses exactly the same registry entry (e.g. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\bwmt\shell\open\command) for any application that supports "bwmt://" URI.
When Eclipse Query Designer (or any BWMT tool) is running, AO simply create a "bwmt://<system_id>/../<DataSourceId>" and execute the same with Windows shell. The application that is associated with "bwmt://" URI scheme will be launched by Windows.
If not properly configured or if there is no authorization to launch such URIs, then probably no application will be launched or the user is prompted for selecting an app by Windows. Refer to any Windows OS documentation for registering URI scheme and troubleshooting, since this is not related to AO or BWMT.

TIP: you may type such "bwmt://" URI text to Windows Run and click OK to check if the Windows app association is correct or not. The URI scheme registration is handled by BWMT tool installation.

When the BWMT app is NOT running, then AO will look up the registry key for the value of entry "Executable". If the tool can find a valid executable and if the executable file is available on the PC, then AO simply use the Windows shell to execute that application with the "bwmt://" URI included in command line parameters. E.g. .../<bwmt_app.exe> -vmargs<bwmt_uri>

The button in the ribbon is enabled only when AO can access the registry entry and the executable referred by the value of "Executable" is available in the machine.

Therefore, all BWMT application are launched by AO simply by calling the executable path in Windows shell.
In case of Query Designer, AO uses "*.7xbex" file, so it is a prerequisite to have BEx Analyzer installed on the machine as described in SAP Note 3130802. Again, if the file association in Windows is not correct, then Query Designer will not be launched. Since AO is ONLY TRIGGERING the BWMT/Query Designer or any other application configured in Windows, all the errors that those application may run into (e.g. SNC, SSO or any other runtime error) are not related to AO.

If the registry entry is NOT accessible, or the executable that the registry entry is pointing is not available, or the Windows URI association for "bwmt://" URIs are wrong, or the executable cannot handle "bwmt://" URIs (e.g. notepad can not), then it will not work as expected. However, AO does not validate which executable is in the registry entry or whether it can handle "bwmt://" URIs.

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