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3097263 - System Exception is Raised When Paying a Supplier Invoice


You are creating a payment for a supplier invoice invoice in the supplier account monitor. However, a system crash happens either upon payment or upon clearing manually the open item.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Payables work center.
  2. Go to Supplier Accounts view.
  3. Open the related supplier account monitor.
  4. Select the desired open item.
  5. Click Pay Manually by and select the relevant payment method.

A system crash occurs.


The issue happens upon payment because the system recalculates the withholding tax in this invoice and realizes that there is no associated product tax. Each withholding tax item in the invoice should have a corresponding product tax item. If this condition is not fulfilled an inconsistency is raised, triggering a system crash.

This can happen in cases where the invoice was migrated, where, in the migration template, only withholding tax is provided and no product tax (or the number of withholding tax items do not match the number of product tax items). The issue can also happen for invoices created in the system, for which the tax determination happens externally. Upon tax determination, the tax code is derived, but the tax details are not properly updated in the invoice.

If you open the supplier invoice and refer to the Items tab -> Taxes -> Tax Details. You see that, under Taxes section, no records are found. Whereas withholding taxes were correctly determined and created.


In such cases, the invoice needs to be reversed and re-created with proper tax details. If the invoice has been migrated, you need to adjust the migration template and re-upload the file with the correct amount of withholding tax lines per product tax line. For not migrated invoices, the document needs to be re-created (Copy button can be used from Supplier Invoicing work center). Before posting the new invoice, make sure that product tax is being correctly derived from the external provider and properly calculated within the Taxes tab.


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