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3098290 - Payment Allocation Does not Automatically Allocate an Invoice Based on Rules to Analyze Memo Lines


You have set up rules to analyze memo lines. Even though the rule you have created can correctly derive the document's external reference from the memo line, the assignment does not happen automatically in the payment allocation.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Payment Management work center.
  2. Go to Payment Allocation view.
  3. Open the respective payment allocation.
  4. Under Memo Line, click Edit Rules for Analyzing Memo Lines.
  5. On the screen that opens, simulated the corresponding memo line.

You see that the system is able to properly derive an external reference ID for an invoice, for example. You check that this invoice exists in the system, it is not assigned to an existing clearing and it posts on or before the payment allocation posting date. However, this document has not been automatically allocated in the payment allocation.


There are different reasons for which an automatically allocation may not succeed. In this case, the payment allocation has been created with a payment method that do not conform with the business transaction specification of the utilized memo line rule type.

For example, you have set up a memo line rule of type 'Open Payable External Reference', which reads the memo line and extracts the correct invoice's external reference ID. However, this rule type is used for transactions being paid by Outgoing Direct Debits and your payment allocation has been created with payment method as Outgoing Bank Transfer. Therefore, the applied payment method does not match with the requirements from the memo line rule and hence it does not allocate the invoice.


Taking as example the above mentioned rule type, the payment method would have to be 'Outgoing Direct Debit' in the payment allocation for the invoice to be allocated by this rule.

To verify it, you can:

  1. Open payment allocation.
  2. Change the payment method to Outgoing Direct Debit.
  3. Click Actions -> Create Proposal.

For more details on which business transaction each memo line rule can be used, please refer to help document Rule Types For Analyzing Memo Lines.


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