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3098576 - Issues with Data Capture Forms: “There was an error submitting the form. Please try again later” - Recruiting


Unable to submit the Data Capture Form. While submitting the form by filling all the fields the user gets an error on submission: "There was an error submitting the form. Please try again later"

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  • SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing
    • Career Site Builder

Reproducing the Issue

  1. As a candidate, access a landing page that has a data capture form.
  2. Enter data in all required fields, in a Data Capture Form 
  3. Accept the Data Privacy Consent Statement (DPCS)
  4. Click on Submit
  5. You will have the following error: "There was an error submitting the form. Please try again later."


There could be many different root causes. These are the ones we have identified so far:
  • Picklists are modified in Recruiting Management but not synced to Recruiting Marketing: Candidate Profile Extension in BizX enables you to add more information to the candidate profile, for example, add a custom field of type picklist. However, the synchronization of these picklists between Recruiting Management and Recruiting Marketing is not automatic so if any External Code of a Picklist associated with a Candidate Profile field has its value is modified in BizX, this value will not be automatically updated in RMK and this can cause a mismatch between the External code of a picklist in the Career Site Builder Data Capture Forms and picklists of Admin Center > Picklist Center.
  • A Field is required in the Candidate Profile but isn't in the Data Capture Form: the Candidate Profile Extension gives the alternative of making a required field in RCM and if this field is/are not part of the Data Capture Form in Career site Builder, the DCF will not be submitted and will cause the error message.
  • Candidate Profile Extension field(s) or other fields such as resume, included in the particular Data Capture Forms were deleted or updated in BizX: There are many possibilities for this field to no longer exist in RCM, a common example is that an instance refresh occurred and the information was not available in the production instance, so the information was overwritten and the Candidate Profile Fields were deleted.
    The field name could also have been modified. If the DCF was created before this, then there will be a mismatch and the error will occur. 


As per the possible root causes, we have three scenarios that cause the error message, there are some processes that must be checked in Recruiting Marketing, Recruiting Management, and External Career Site so that the Data Capture Form is submitted correctly - please kindly note this error message comes from our core system and cannot be customized/personalized:

  • The scenario where picklists are modified in Recruiting Management but not synced to Recruiting Marketing: To resolve, follow steps 1 to 16 to check all the processes or just test steps 13 to 15 to see if after refreshing all the picklist fields there is some discrepancy on the previous and current picklist. Note, the area marked in green in steps 12 and 13 are the incompatibilities between BizX and CSB that should be checked.
  • The Scenario where required items are added to Recruiting Management but not synced to Recruiting Marketing: If some field is required (steps 1 to 10) and is not in the Data Capture Form in CSB, you need to go to Candidate Profile Extension and click Take action> Make Correction to change the field to Required NO or add this field in the component as per KBA 2827478.
  • The scenario where Candidate Profile Extension field(s) or other fields, such as resume, are removed or updated in Recruiting Management but not synced to Recruiting Marketing: The fields in Data Capture Form are not automatically removed after deleting the field in the Candidate Profile Extension object. So if there is this inconsistency between BizX and CSB (steps 1 to 9) It is necessary to remove the current Data Capture Form and create a new one or also have the option to configure it exactly like the previous configuration following the steps of the KBA 2587869.
    For a field name mismatch, compare the DCF field name with the field name in object definition. They should match exactly.

Information on the configuration of the Data Capture Forms (DCF) and adding them to landing pages in CSB is available in Creating and Editing Data Capture Forms.

  1. In the External Career Site Data Capture Form page, enable the developer tool by clicking F12
  2. Enter data in all required fields and Accept the DPCS
  3. Click on Submit and see the error message "There was an error submitting the form. Please try again later."
  4. In the Developer Tool click on Network
  5. Select dataCaptureForms
  6. Scroll to the Request payload section and expand 'Property'
  7. Check the values with the name Cust_FIELDNAME

  8. Go to Admin Center > Configure Object Definitions and search for Object Definition and Candidate Profile Extension
  9. Check if the Cust_FIELDNAME exists, if yes select the custom field and go to details

  10. Check the picklist name under 'Valid Values Sources'. In details, you can also see if the field is required.

  11. Go to Admin Center > Picklist Center and Search for the Picklist Name

  12. Check if the External Code value is the same as it is in CSB > Landing page > Data Capture Form component > Cust_FIELDNAME > Picklist

  13. If the values for External Code are different, you need to run ODATA API Meta Data Refresh in Admin Center

  14. After that, reload the CSB Data Capture form page and click on Picklist > Refresh the Picklist, to update the Fields​.
  15. Click in OK and Save the process

  16. Submit the Data Capture Forms again and receive the message "Thank you. Your Information has been submitted"

    : If none of these causes and resolutions resolve the issue, check other possible reasons for the error message "There was an error submitting the form. Please try again later" in KBA 3084151 – Mismatch between DCF locale and Candidate Profile (RCM locale), KBA 2940601 – Error when uploading a Resume on a Data Capture Form and also the KBA 3047580 – A custom field has been configured with a date type and added to the DCF.

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