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3099197 - How to Set the Incident as Complete and Answer the SAP Satisfaction Survey


You would like to know how to set SAP Incidents to Completed and how you can provide feedback to SAP, regarding your satisfaction with the Support and the SAP Cloud for Customer Product.


SAP Cloud for Customer


Once you have received an answer from SAP, please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Administrator Work Center.
  2. Select the Incidents view.
  3. Open the Incident 123 (123 represents the Incident ID).
  4. Click on Edit

Screenshot 1.jpg

  1. Now, select the field Action and mark it as Complete (In case this option is not available, you might need to click in the button Take Over first.). After it, hit the Save button. 

Screenshot 2.jpg

  1. After setting the Incident as Complete, the following pop-up inviting you to fulfill an SAP Support Satisfaction Survey will be displayed:

Screenshot 3.jpg

  1. Once you click on OK, the below Survey will pop-up via SAP Qualtrics:



  1. 8. After clicking on Next, you will be presented to the last question from the Survey


About the survey, please notice the following important points:

- At the moment only one Survey per incident can be fulfilled, the surveys can only be fulfilled after the incident is closed.

- The second and third questions ("overall, how satisfied were you with your support experience?" and "Please indicate what you liked, about the Support Experience") refers to the Support Engineer that directly assisted you in the incident. This feedback will be used to evaluate their work towards the incident resolution;

- In case you fulfill the second question, with one of the following options: Neutral, disagree, strongly disagree, a new question will be displayed, asking you what you did not like about the support received.

- The last question ("How satisfied are you with the product which you reported the issue?") is related to the quality of the product itself (C4C).  The free text fields are not mandatory, but highly recommended to be fulfilled, so we can understand more from your complements or concerns.

- At the top (right side), you will see a button showing different language options. This allows you to select a different language for the Satisfaction Survey.

  1. After fulfilling the Survey, please click on Next. The Survey will be only forwarded to SAP after the below confirmation message is displayed.

Screenshot 6 (clickar em Next Antes).jpg

PS¹: You can set an incident to Complete at any moment, even if SAP did not provide you a solution yet. This is valid for cases where you find the solution by yourself using a SAP existing documentation, per example.

PS²: In case you cannot see the Administrator work center, then your user might not have the correct access level. In that case, please reach out to your SAP Admin.


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