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3099502 - How To Create a Custom Price List With Extension Fields


The SAP Business ByDesign solution allows you to create new extension fields, either at an item level or header level, for all documents relevant to Customer Relationship Management, like Sales Orders, Sales Quotes, Service Orders, Invoice Request and Customer Invoice and so on. You can add these extension fields to newly created pricing tables in Business Configuration, to ensure that the price strategy is dependent on the value in those fields. You can also assign these pricing tables to access sequences to define their priority. you can create pricing tables for price lists, discount lists, freights, and surcharges.

This article shows an example on how to create a header level custom price list with an extension field.

*Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


SAP Business ByDesign


Create an Extension Field in the General tab of a Sales Order:

  1. Go to the Sales Orders work center and the Common Task and select New Sales Order. 
  2. Open the Adaptation Mode.
  3. Go to the General tab of the Sales Order and open the Extension Fields.
  4. Click on Create New Field and enter the respective data.

  5. Ensure to select the scenario CRM Pricing, to make the newly created extension field relevant for pricing in CRM.
  6. To do this, click the Further Usage link. On the Extension Scenarios tab of the screen, select CRM Pricing and click Add Field. The extension field will be made available in all the business contexts involved in the selected extension scenario.
  7. To add the price relevant extension field to the service Calculate Price – Price List, go to Services tab, click Add Field and select Calculate Price – Price List or Calculate Price – Price Specification depending if the extension field is on header or on item level.
    In our example, since the extension field in the Sales Order is in the General tab, you have to use the extension scenario CRM Pricing (Header) and the service Calculate Price – Price List.
    If the field in the Sales Order is in the Item tab, then you have to use extension scenario CRM Pricing (Item) and the service Calculate Price – Price Specification.


  8. Save and Publish your changes. 

Configure Price Strategy for the Extension Field:

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Select your Project and click on Open Activity List.
  3. In the Fine-Tune step open the fine-tuning activity Configure Price Strategy.

Create a Pricing Table:

  1. Select Pricing Table to go the Maintenance View for Pricing Table
  2. Click Add Row, enter an appropriate Name for the pricing table.
    Note: The name of the pricing table must start with CUS, and must not exceed 18 characters in length.

  3. Select the Relevance of the pricing table. Ideally, the relevance of the pricing table must be the same as that of the extension field. For example, during the creation of the extension field, if you have chosen the field to be at the item level of a business document, the relevance of the pricing table should be Item Level. In our example we chose an extension field on header level and therefore we will create a pricing table with relevance header level
  4. Under Fields, select the extension field created from the drop-down, and select Search if you want the extension field to be considered during master data retrieval.
    Note: If you are creating the pricing table on item level for price list or discount list, then you must select List Identifier as the first row under the Fields table, followed by the extension field.
    If you are creating the pricing table for surcharge or freight, then the first row must be the extension field.
    Since we are creating a pricing table on header level the list identifier is not required. In our example we will create the Pricing table with the extension field we created and the standard fields Sales Organization and Distribution Channel. 

  5. Select Save & Close to save your changes.

Define the Access Sequence:

  1. Select Access Sequence to add the newly created pricing table to the access sequence.
  2. Depending on whether you have created the pricing table for price list, discount list, freight, or surcharge, and on whether it is at header level or item level, chose the appropriate option from the access sequence list.
  3. Under Pricing Table, click Add Row and add the pricing table to the list.
  4. Under Fields, you will be able to view the columns of your pricing table that were added during its creation.
    In our example, since we are creating a Custom Price List and the Pricing Table created is with relevance header level, we are selecting Price List with the relevance Header Level.

  5. Select Save & Close to save your changes.

Assign a Pricing Group:

  1. Select Pricing Group Assignments to assign the pricing table to the relevant pricing groups.
  2. Select the relevant pricing group, depending on whether you have created the pricing table for price list, discount list, freight, or surcharge.
  3. Under Pricing Group Item Assignments, click Add Row to give a relevant description for your pricing table, and select the appropriate Header Pricing Table and the Item Pricing Table from the drop-down.
    In our example, since we are creating a Custom Price List, we are selecting the Pricing Group Prices, for the Header Pricing Table the Custom Pricing table we created and for the Item Pricing Table the standard pricing table Product- / Service Prices. In the Description you can enter the name of the Custom Price List which will be visible also in the drop down list in your Product and Service Portfolio work center. 

  4. Select Save & Close to save your changes.
  5. Close the fine tuning activity Configure Price Strategy and your Project. 

Create a price list for the custom price list.

  1. Go to the Product and Service Portfolio work center, Pricing view, and select the relevant option depending on the pricing table created.
  2. In the Show drop down, select the description given to your pricing table, and click Go.
    Note: It might take some time until the custom price list is replicated. 
  3. Click New, and enter the respective parameters for which you would like to create the price list.

  4. Under the Items tab maintain the relevant master data.

  5. Click Save and then Release to save your changes.

Determination in the Sales Order.

  1. Go to the Sales Orders work center. 
  2. In the Common Task select New Sales Order.
  3. Enter the respective Account.
  4. Enter the respective values which were maintained for the Customer Price List. In our example, Sales Organization P1110, Distribution Channel Direct Sales and Extension Field Custom1:

  5. Navigate to the Items tab and enter the product maintained in our custom price list. 
  6. The system determines the List Price according to the value we maintained in the custom price list. 

  7. You can also check in the Pricing and Invoicing tab and the Pricing sub tab that the price list was determined:

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