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3100827 - SLA Met Characteristics in Ticket Time Points and Contact Party Data Source


You are viewing the data source "Ticket Time Points and Contact Party" and you would like to know how the following fields are determined by the system:

  • Completion SLA Met
  • Resolution SLA Met
  • On site Arrival SLA Met


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the work center Business Analytics.
  2. Chose the view Design Data Sources.
  3. Search for the data source "Ticket Time Points and Contact Party".
  4. Click Preview.

In the list of characteristics, find the above mentioned fields. You would like to know how they are calculated.


These are Boolean fields which tell if the SLA is met or not for that particular milestone (ticket completion, ticket resolution and arrival on site).

They calculated by comparing the actual date and due date. If the due date is greater than the actual date, then the SLA met is true, otherwise it is false.

  • So for the Completion SLA met, the system compares the completion due date and the actual completion date.
  • For Resolution SLA met, the system compares the resolution due date and the actual resolution date.
  • For On Site Arrival SLA met, the system compares Due On-Site and Arrived On-Site.

All these fields can be viewed on the ticket, in the Timeline section.

Note: In case the actual date is empty, then we will compare the due date with current Date. If both, actual and due date are missing in the ticket, then SLA Met would be true.


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