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3102327 - Rewards & Recognition - Points to currency conversions


This article explains and breaks down the conversion used when it comes to point-based programs and awards.

There is sometimes a misunderstanding of how points to currency is being converted between what the nominee has and what is configured in Rewards & Recognition.

**Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental**


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From the Admin page we can define a conversion table from Rewards & Recognition > Manage Spot Award Program Settings.

There are two sections which are required for conversion to correctly take place. There are the Import points to currency conversion table and the Currency Configuration sections.

First, import your conversion table which will determine the rate from points to currency. Below is an example of this file.

points to currency conversion rnr.jpg

Next map a Pay Component to a component as well as defining a currency and conversion table.

This is the standard setup and more is explained in the guide as well as 2834652 - Rewards & Recognition - Tips and Tricks

Sample use case scenario

The following is a general use case which has come up where some configuration is incorrectly defined and has caused some issues in converting points to currency.

So, in this example we have an employee who has a pay component base of 1002 with a currency of INR.

  • From Rewards & Recognition we have defined the currency mapping as seen above as well as the same conversion table being imported.
  • Nominate this user for 160 points and approve the nomination.
  • Login/proxy as this nominee and see the award under Award History> Myself under the "Received" drop-down option.


  • Here we can see 195.2 EUR in both Award History as well as under the Redemption tile.
  • The calculation of this is as follows: 160*122=195.20 EUR
  • So, the question here would be why is this showing as EUR when the users local currency is INR.
  • The cause of this is due to the pay component 1002 above is not marked with "Used for Comp Planning" = Both.
  • To check this select the component from Employee Files> Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures.

rnr used for comp planning.jpg

  • Once the component is updated and you log back in as the nominee you will now notice some changes, mainly with the Redemption tile value.


  • Following the component change, the Redemption value updated to INR as well as recalculating to 12,967.80 from 195.2 EUR.
  • This is expected as the original award was sent in EUR, so the value and currency in Award History will remain what it was at creation.


Updating this while the award is approved will not dynamically update the award. This will only affect the new awards moving forward.

  • The Redemption tile will calculate based on some of changes made. So, in this example the calculation is would be 195.20*66.433364 = 12,967.7926528.
  • Conversion 66.43364 is not in the imported conversion table, so where does this come from?
  • When using Points we do not use the imported conversion table which we previously imported as the component was not correct defined as "Both" in the field Used for Comp Planning.
  • So, in this situation we will the conversion table defined which comes from Compensation Home> Action for all plans.

rnr conversiontable.jpg

action for all plans conversion table rnr.jpg

  • Since the component in this scenario has been updated, the conversion will correctly take place per the imported table in Rewards & Recognition.
  • Approving another award for this user will now show the award under Award History with currency code INR as well as the conversion taking 10.33 rather than 66.433364

rnr points to currency conversion.jpg

  • So, 160*10.33=1652.80. Add this to what was previously awarded will give you 14,620.60 INR (1,652.80+12,967.80=14,620.60).


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