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3108163 - SAP Business ByDesign 2108 Hotfix Collection 3 Information


Following is the list of fixes* delivered with the Hotfix collection 3 performed in 2108 release of SAP Business ByDesign.

The Hotfix collection is planned to be deployed to tenants during the respective planned maintenance window on/after the 16th of October. Please check the planned maintenance downtime window of your tenant from the Service Control Center.


SAP Business ByDesign 2108 HFC 3


Cross – Area Topic

UI Client

  • When more than a hundred items were selected, the system was opening a new invoice entry screen to create an invoice with delayed verification or a new invoice with standard verification. Although the filter for specific suppliers and companies was applied, the new invoice entry screen showed a list of purchase orders from all the suppliers. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000011686)

Service Control Center

  • The fix provided includes corrections in the System Factsheet of the Service Control Center. (Hotfix ID: 1000015360)

Output Management

  • The issue occurring while triggering multiple events in the Event Notification sub-view of the Application and User Management work center, has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000012698)

Business Configuration Tools

  • The fix provided ensures that specific errors occurring during the Scoping step of the Business Configuration work center are displayed correctly. (Hotfix ID: 1000015350)

Manager Approvals App

  • The sync issue between the SAP Business ByDesign Mobile app and SAP Manager Approvals app's badge counter number has now been fixed. The issue occurred when the employee times was changed after approval. (Hotfix ID: 1000014891)


  • Due to an issue, new entries for regions in the United Kingdom could not be changed during the configuration setup. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000012983. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)

Business Partner

  • The PreferredCommunicationMediumTypeCode field has now been PSM write-released for the BusinessPartner, Customer, and Supplier Business Objects. (Hotfix ID: 1000015190)
  • Address Information can now be created by means of external access, via web services. (Hotfix ID: 1000010016)


Customer Relationship Management

Customer Invoice

  • When an invoice document was approved from the SAP Business ByDesign Mobile app, the document status was updated to Approved but the invoice was not getting released. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000014622)
  • For India, the customer invoices created by Invoice Run with auto-release enabled will now be released directly, provided Legal Approval is not in scope. (Hotfix ID: 1000013204)
  • The fix provided includes the following updates:
    • Free text items from Credit Memo will be displayed in the Amendment Electronic Tax Invoice of South Korea.
    • The system error that occurred when an empty row was clicked in the Amendment Electronic Tax Invoice of South Korea, has now been resolved.
    • Customer invoices can be included in subsequent Electronic Tax Invoice, after the creation of correction invoices.
    • LegalID type code field will be cleared automatically if the Legal ID field is cleared. (Hotfix ID: 1000015250)

Orders & Contracts

  • When the sales order header requested date was changed, the item level requested date was not getting updated automatically. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000014722)


Financial Management

Financial Accounting

  • The add-on implemented in the enhancement spot, SalesAccruralsPOCPlanValuesGet to change the total cost in the item was not functioning correctly. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000013902)
  • With the accrual method 108, the following error was being shown, 'Accrual method assignment for fixed price project incomplete', when executing a revenue recognition run. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000013683)


  • When product specification was used in sales orders without maintaining valuation against it and Consignment was scoped, the system was failing to process the goods and activity confirmations. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000013316)


  • The Payment Baseline Date in Item Overview of TradeReceivablesPayablesRegister is now PSM-released and can be read in the Partner Development Infrastructure (PDI).  (Hotfix ID: 1000014423)

Bank Statement

  • The issue causing the removal of the Business Partner ID (Customer ID/ Supplier ID) from the Bank statement during Payment allocation cancellation/reversal has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500014045)

Payment Processing

  • Payment monitor was showing inconsistent status even after payment batches were confirmed with a bank statement. With this fix, the payment batches status will show 'Completed' once all the payments are confirmed with a bank statement. (Hotfix ID: 1000014265)

Payment Management

  • With this fix, the advices will get pre-confirmed after executing the Digital Payment Advice run. (Hotfix ID: 4500015620)
  • The fields KEY_DATE and CREATION_DATE_TIME of TradeReceivablesPayablesAccountStatement are now PSM read-released. These fields can now be accessed from the ODATA service. (Hotfix ID: 4500014582)
  • The application error occurring while reversing a bank to bank transfer in a closed period has now been resolved. An error message is shown instead. (Hotfix ID: 1000015101)
  • The field FOPXF_PAYMENT_AGREEMENT (Business Object) - Root (node) - SINGLEPAYMENTINDICATOR (element) has now been write-enabled for the Partner Development Infrastructure (PDI). (Hotfix ID: 1000014862)
  • Payment Times Reporting functionality was delivering empty values in the Bank Value Date field for certain system configurations. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000013205)
  • It was not possible to use actions such as 'Revert Contingent Liability' on a Bill of Exchange Deposit with accrual posting when the accounting period for the Bill of Exchange release date was already closed. With this fix, the accounting period check for which a proper accounting transaction date needs to be used, has been disabled / adjusted to ensure completion of the Bill of Exchange process. (Hotfix ID: 1000012985)
  • For Japan, the payment terms and due date issues in the non-Japan summary invoice relevant accounts on customer invoice requests, created via web services, have now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000010327. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • In August 2021 release of SAP Business ByDesign, there were some Bill of Exchange Receivables documents with missing Bank Account ID. This fix ensures that the missing ID is updated automatically so that you can proceed with the document processing. (Hotfix ID: 1000014193. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • After the August 2021 release of SAP Business ByDesign, there were some Bill of Exchange Receivables documents with missing data such as bank account ID, bank directory routing ID, and bank directory routing ID type code. With this fix, the missing data is automatically updated from the business partner master data in the documents so that you can proceed with the document processing. (Hotfix ID: 1000010917)
  • In the output file of the Bill of Exchange Deposit for Italy, for some records the bank account number of the payee was mapped incorrectly to the IBAN instead of the bank account number. The fix provided ensures that the field is mapped to the bank account number and if the bank account number is not maintained, the filed is mapped to the last 12 digits of the IBAN. If the output file has already been generated with the incorrectly mapped field, the Bill of Exchange Deposit is canceled, and you need to assign the Bill of Exchange Receivables to a new Bill of Exchange Deposit and release it. (Hotfix: 1000014253)

Tax Management and Declaration

  • For Italy, the tax code 15 has now been excluded from the Output VAT EC register return. (Hotfix ID: 1000012153)
  • For Italy, the withholding tax codes 36 and 37 are no longer required, and hence will not be available in the system. (Hotfix ID: 1000010688. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • The internal tax amount for some items of supplier invoice documents was zero when the transaction and reporting currencies were different, and the exchange rates had large decimal values. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000013924)
  • The partial payment issue for Israel supplier invoices has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID:1000011109)
  • The Natura code for the tax event 204 was incorrect. It has now been corrected and changed from 3.5 to 3.6. (Hotfix ID: 1000013925.)
  • The tax country automatically determined in Intercompany Service Confirmations was incorrect for a few countries due to One-Stop-Shop (OSS) related decision tree changes. The countries included Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Latvia, and Cyprus. (Hotfix ID: 1000012197. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)

Expense Report

  • The Expense Report Root Query By Elements was not considering the parameter reimbursement status. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID:1000014791. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)


  • In the Financial Plan Details report, you can now select multiple companies at one go. (Hotfix ID: 1000015061)

Cost & Revenue

  • When revenue recognition was performed for project-based sales order items with materials and accrual method reverse deferrals and accruals, (and IFRS15 was in scope), deferred revenue and incorrect costs were posted. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000011798)
  • The revenue recognition was failing for a project-based sales order item, which did not have an associated invoice item created. However, if it was a part of a revenue accounting contract, and allocation was performed, an invoiced allocated amount was derived that was recognized as the final accrual. The run was failing with a technical error, thrown when the journal entry does not balance to 0. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000012697)
  • The revenue recognition run was failing with an error, 'Derivation of planned revenue not possible' for a canceled sales order item that was associated with a project-based item. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000015542)

Statutory Reporting

  • <artGrpID> is an optional field and the data for this field will now not be available in the XML file attachment. (Hotfix ID: 1000014052)

SAP Cloud Application Studio

  • In the Customer Contract Business Object, the field New EnhancementSpot PaymentControlUpdateCallback that was provided for use in SAP Cloud Applications Studio was unusable due to incorrectly assigned data types. This fix replaces the data types with the correct ones so that this business add-in is implemented without errors. (Hotfix ID: 1000014453)
  • The element LocalInstrumentCode in the object HouseBankAccount is now PSM read-released in the SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Cloud Application Studio implementations. (Hotfix ID: 1000012978)


Human Resources Management

Time & Labour Management

  • When trying to release a service confirmation (with/without order completion) for a service agent, the following error was being raised- 'Time entry for Service Confirmation not allowed for External Employee'. With the May 2021 release of SAP Business ByDesign, the service confirmation integration was available for internal as well as external fulfilment, including the intercompany service scenarios. When the relevant Business Configuration option was scoped, a service confirmation was creating a time entry, whether it was an internal employee or a service agent doing the service confirmation. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000013425)
  • In the mass re-assignment of project time recordings, some of the re-assignments were stuck in the 'In Process' status for a long time. With this fix, the re-assignment will be completed successfully, unless there are no specific application errors. (Hotfix ID: 1000014283. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)

Employee Time

  • Time recording was not permitted for a service listed under Project when it was used for a project-based time recording. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000004506. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • The service ID was appearing with leading zeros in the error message when it was used for a project-based time recording, where the Project Settings was maintained as 'Not Allowed' for Non-Listed Service. This has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000014881)


Supply Chain Management

Goods and Activity Confirmation

  • The consignment screens - Consignment Stock Overview, Consignment Serial Stock Overview, and Valuated Consignment Stock Overview were using incorrect value help for the Account ID selection criteria. Previously, the Party value help was being used because of which, when trying to select a party of Org Unit Type, selection in the value help was resulting in the ID changing back to the Party ID and not the Business Partner ID. This issue has now been fixed as the UI screens have been replaced with the BusinessPartner value help. (Hotfix ID: 1000014911. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)


  • In Custom OData Service for the PhysicalInventoryTask, the parameter ResponsibleEmployee ID was not available for the SetResponsible business object action. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000014403)

Outbound Logistics

  • The fix provided ensures that the freight amount will not be considered in the 135 GBP Threshold comparison amount. Also, the Ship To location will be taken into consideration for the comparison rather than the contract.  (Hotfix ID: 1000015181)
  • The Product Rate per unit on the Delivery Note for the India Stock transfer order will now be generated correctly in the first instance. (Hotfix ID: 1000012237)

Production Bill of Material

  • It was not possible to create custom reports for data sources SCMITEMCHST and SCMPBOMU02, due to incorrect values in a technical parameter. With this fix, the values of the technical parameter have been corrected. (Hotfix ID: 1000013066)

Outbound Delivery Request

  • While creating an Outbound Third-party Warehouse Request through the automated action, '3PL Outbound Delivery Runs' under the Third-party Logistics work center, the contact party was not getting created in the 3PL request. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 1000015761)


Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Invoice

  • From Partner Development Infrastructure/SAP Cloud Application Studio, you can now hide/delete application-specific buttons from the Supplier Invoicing work center. (Hotfix ID: 1000013214)

Purchase Requests & Orders

  • When creating a purchase request, if the supplier was manually entered first, and then the selected product was already assigned to the list/contract price and has a supplier maintained, the Source of Supply was automatically determined and the manually maintained supplier was overwritten. The system was also throwing the error, 'Only one supplier permitted'. The fix provided ensures that the Source of Supply is not redetermined if a supplier was already present. (Hotfix ID: 1000012149)
  • The Active List Price default set in the Supplier Overview view was showing inactive list prices as well. To fix this issue, the validity period has been added as a query parameter. (Hotfix ID: 1000013876)
  • In a scanned invoice, the fields such as tax code and product category were not reflecting for the items. Also, if the purchase order was in approval/ canceled/ finished status, the system was resulting in an application error during the invoice creation. With the fix provided, the fields are taken from the invoice scanning object items and an error message will be shown in case the purchase order is in one of the above statuses. (Hotfix ID: 4500015320)


*Disclaimer: Note that this list may not include all of the hotfixes that are a part of this collection (e.g., operational, internal, technical fixes may not be listed).

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