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3110700 - JAVA 11 upgrade for Boomi local atom


JAVA 11 upgrade for Boomi local atom

Also, no action is required if you are using SF Hosted cloud atoms. 


Boomi Platform


Steps to upgrade your local atom to JAVA 11 : 

  1. Please take a backup of the JAVA version being used in the backup if it is installed under path <installation_dir>/jre.
    <installation_dir> can be found under Atom Management-> Startup Properties as shown below:

    • The automated installation process provided by Boomi installs the latest JAVA version in the above directory and will overwrite the current JAVA version.
  2. Download the JAVA upgrade tool
    • For Windows atoms :
      1. Please login to Platform and navigate to Manage > Atom Management.
      2. Select the Atom or Molecule that you want to upgrade and click Atom Information.
      3. Click Update to use Java <version number> from the Atom Controls options.
      4. A confirmation dialog opens, showing which upgrade program you chose to download. If you see atom_upgrade64.exe, this means that you are upgrading a 64-bit Atom for Windows. If you are upgrading a 64-bit Atom for Linux, the file is named as
      5. Save the file.
    • For Linux atoms :
      1. Run the command wget
      2. Once has been downloaded , convert it into an executable file using chmod 777
  3. Stop the atom before running the upgrade script
  4. Locate and run the file that you downloaded.
    1. If you are using Windows or the Linux GUI, run the file and follow the wizard to complete the required steps.
    2. For Linux, if you want to run the installer in console mode from a command line, run the file with the -c flag:
           sh /<path>/ -c
  5. Follow the prompts within the setup
  6. Restart the atom. 

Options available within the setup while running step 4:

  1. Use external JDK : If you have downloaded an external JDK and wish to use it , you may do so during the upgrade process. Please do note that as per Boomi's recommendation, support will be provided only for atoms which are using either of below external JDK:
    1. Amazon Corretto OpenJDK 11
    2. Oracle JAVA

      NOTE: You can check this page for more details :
  1. Migrate Certificates : Enter the path of the current JDK to migrate certificates saved in keystore automatically to the new JDK


Additional steps required to use SuccessFactors – Partner Connector :

  1. Additional libraries are required to be installed to ensure that the SF connector will work seamlessly on your local atom
  2. Download the libraries from the links which are provided below:
    1. For Windows OS, download using link:
    2. Command for Linux OS: WGET

  3. They files should be saved under <installation_dir>/lib
  4. Restart the atom once done

Additional Information:

  1. We are aware Boomi will no longer support any version of Oracle JVM in the mid-to-long term. Currently we have no additional information or ETA on this.
  2. In relation to Amazon Corretto (in the contest of the open JDK JAVA11 update), please note the process to upgrade JAVA is much easier after the switch to Corretto. This can be done via the UI especially for local atoms -  
  3. In relation to roll back procedures, please check 


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