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3112158 - SAP Analytics Cloud, Analytics Designer Survival Guide


You have an issue with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), Analytics Designer (AD) and want to know how to troubleshoot it.

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


SAP Analytics Cloud, Analytics Designer


When we face an issue with SAP Analytics Cloud, Analytics Designer, please check the following:

1 – What is the Model type that the Analytic Application is based on? - Imported Model (from BW, Hana, Excel spreadsheet) or Live Data Model (BW, Hana, UNX).

2 – Does the same issue happen with Story (build on Story Designer)? - In case the issue happens in Stories,the case should be reported to the team responsible for the Model used in the AA/Story - BW Live Data Model -> LOD-ANA-LDC-BW - Hana Live Model -> LOD-ANA-LDC-HAN - Imported Model - > LOD-ANA-DES - Imported Model -> LOD-ANA-DES.

These checks being done we can then look at the issue. We have basically two common issues:

1 – Performance:

For performance troubleshooting, we should analyze two things

   1 – Backend response:

     - Run the application, press F12 (or go to Chromes menu>More Tools>Developer Tools)

     - Basically we have two types of requests: GetServerInfo and GetResponse, for performance purposes we focus only in the GetResponse;

     - Click the GetResponse’s and go to “Preview”;

     - Check the run-time;

     - If the RunTime is too high, most likely the case will have to be handed to the team responsible for the Live Connection (that is not a rule, before doing that make sure other possible causes have been discarded)

  2 – Check which Widgets and Scripts are taking the most time on start-up:

     - Launch the application

     - Add the following parameter in the URL: “ ?APP_PERFORMANCE_LOGGING=true ”

     - Open the Developer Tools (F12) and paste the following on the Console tab:"(Application)").filter(e => e.entryType === 'measure').sort((a,b) => (a.startTime + a.duration) - (b.startTime + b.duration))

    - This will generate data regarding the Application performance as following:

  3 – After checking where the time is most spent on, you can refer to the performance hints guideline and check the customer script and settings accordingly to the Best Practices:

  2946271 - Performance hints for SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer applications.

2 – Scripting Errors/ “How to” Requests:

  1 – For Scripting Errors, as AD deals with Java Script code directly, one of the ways to analyze a SAC application is by setting several “Console.log” API’s to the application and follow the variables in the F12 Console Tab. Please see the example below:

      Here we can see that there is a For loop within a For loop. So, we want to follow each variable and check their values. For that we use Console.log to verify the values