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3113230 - Microsoft Teams - VLS Implementation Supplementary Links + FAQs


With the release of the 2H 2021 release, Microsoft Teams is now able to be integrated with SAP SuccessFactors Learning. Links to Microsoft's guides are available below.


SAP SuccessFactors Learning


Note: There is a detailed implementation guide in PDF form attached to the bottom of this KBA titled "Virtual Learning Service Configuration for Microsoft Teams.", please review this guide in detail before and during implementation.

The below links are subject to change per Microsoft. Any assistance with setup and integration of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Azure, and SuccessFactors Learning should be worked on with Microsoft Support. Customers can engage with their account executives or CSMs to get implementation assistance from SAP Professional Services or Certified Partner. SAP Support cannot provide assistance in Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Azure settings/configurations.

Regarding the concerns on permissions, please refer to the attached resource noting you should consult your Microsoft support for further assistance especially where using MS Teams outside of LMS integration.

Use the VLS Guide for the steps required on LMS. There is further information in the attached guide in this knowledge base article, please make sure to use the 2H 2023 version if you are not a VSaaS (Validated) customer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What permissions are required on the MS azure side to  set up the integration? And why?


There are only 3 permissions required to set up the integration:

OnlineMeetings.ReadWrite.All – This is required to setup meetings on behalf of the user

User.Read.All – This is required to link instructor accounts with Users in Teams

OnlineMeetingArtifact.Read.All- This is required to fetch online meeting artifacts

Who can start the meeting?

Anyone with access to teams meeting link can start the meeting.

Are the URLs different for instructor and attendees?

No, Teams meeting URL is same for Instructor and User. Teams doesn’t give separate URL for the Instructor and User.

Some users are not getting attendance completion? Are there any limitations which we should be mindful of?

Please check the following:

  • Are the users registered for the class? Only the registered users will get an attendance completion.
  • Is the email ID in the MS teams correct? If you have different email IDs then we have a system limitation. You need to add the email ID as one of the custom field in MS teams XML configuration to get the attendance completion. As part of a recent patch (PTCH-39106), we are now supporting alternative email ID in the User custom field if the Users have an alternative email in their Azure. We will check for attendance and consider both emails of the User.
  • Does primary instructor join the session? If the primary instructor doesn't join the session the attendance will not be provided.

The meeting link can be shared. Is there anyway we can control who attends the session?

MS teams have additional settings which you can explore to make it work with your organization needs. You can find the details here.

If the Teams meeting is recorded, can the recording be uploaded into the LMS environment without having to download the file to a PC first?

Recording functionality has nothing to do with LMS. If you want to upload a recording to the LMS class, that will be a regular functionality of a class for any attachment.

Can an unenrolled user access the session (without a password) before the instructor started the session.

Yes, the user can access the session based on the flag:  System Admin  > Configuration > Global Settings > Display join option prior to session start

Will I get the link to join in the meeting in my email invite?

Yes, you will receive the link in the email invite.

Can users get attendance if the primary instructor didn't join the session but the secondary instructor did?

No. The primary instructor must join the session to get attendance recorded. We currently don't support attendance processing for secondary instructor. 

If user drops and joins again, is that accounted for in the attendance?

Yes, if the users drops and joins again, then the attendance is calculated based on the aggregated time user spent in the session.

Does the application support secret for authentication to Azure AD? If not, is it in the roadmap?

Yes, we support secret for authentication.

Does SuccessFactors LMS export and retain user profile or any other data information from Azure AD and Office 365 tenant? If it does, where is data stored and how it is protected?

No, LMS doesn't export or read any of the Azure Active Directory data.

If a meeting is scheduled and the instructor needs to change, would the LMS be able to reschedule the meeting and update who is the organizer of the Teams meeting?


What ID is used to identify the organizer in SuccessFactors LMS. We use one IdP for authenticating to SuccessFactors LMS and a different IdP to access Office 365/Teams. Would this cause a problem for identifying the user account?

You can login to LMS using IDP for LMS, in Instructor VLS settings you need to use IDP used for Office 365. For users, you can enter these in the custom column. Our documentation has details of this information.

If MS Teams call needs to be recorded, does SuccessFactors LMS has any control over the process, or this needs to be done outside of LMS.

This is outside of the Learning system.

Can SuccessFactors Learning support multiple Office 365 tenants? We have users who might be in LMS, but use different MS Teams instances/tenants. Would that be a problem?

Yes by utilizing multiple different VLS configurations.

There are different options when scheduling a Teams meeting using Outlook and Teams. What Teams options can an instructor set in LMS and what are the default settings?

As of now, we are just creating a meeting from LMS. All the options are defaulted from Teams.

Can a user be added by the instructor after the class is initiated?

In order to all user have access to the class, the instructor must add all users before launching for each day the meeting occurs.

Can Employees join expired sessions?

Employees cannot join an expired session. They cannot add users to completed sessions.


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