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3115005 - Almost all Numbers in Number Range for XYZ are Reserved


You receive an incident stating Almost all numbers in number range for XYZ reserved, (XYZ represents the Number Range Object Long Text and Interval Number).


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Application and User Management work center.
  2. Go to the Incidents view.

You noticed that the system created an incident with below description (Example):
Health Check Component: Cross-Application Services

Health Check Name: Number Range Depletion

Description: The system is running out of unique numbers for a particular number range. When this occurs, the system does not allow you to create a new business document or master data, depending on which number range is affected. You must extend your existing number range.

Number Range Profile Name: FIAADO
Number Range Type Name: FIAADO_0002
Number Range Object Name: FIA_ACCDOC
Number Range Object Long Text: FIA_ACCOUNTING_DOCUMENT
Number Range Subobject Name: 000001
Year: 2021
Interval Number: 60
Remaining Percent Level: 3 %
Warn when less than % remain: 6 %


This is an automatic system alert, which aims to inform that for a specific document, its number range has almost no available numbers/IDs left, hence the related business transaction would not be created.


Within the error description in the incident, there are two important fields: Number Range Object Long Text and Interval Number

The number range object in the above example is FIA_ACCOUNTING_DOCUMENT, which stands for the business object of journal entries. The message also mentions the interval numbers 60 for year 2021.

Therefore, it is known that for fiscal year 2021 the system is running out of numbers for journal entries with interval number 60.

To check and adjust the number ranges, please follow below steps:

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Go to the Implementation Projects view.
  3. Open the activity list.
  4. Open the activity Journal Entry Types and Number Ranges.
  5. Click Edit number range profiles for journal entries.

In this screen you'll be able to edit the number ranges.

However if all the number ranges have been assigned to a Key you will not be able to edit the First Number and Last Number without coming up against error messages.
In this example we have a warning against Key 60.
Under Number Ranges you can see that for Key 60: First Number: 600000000001 and Last Number: 609999999999
You can also see that Key 61 shows: First Number: 610000000001 and Last Number: 619999999999

  • Select Edit Journal Entry Type Assignments.
  • Search for Number Range 61 - 610000000001 - 619999999999.
  • This brings up no results.
  • This means that Key 61 has not been assigned to any Journal Entry Type.

As you are not able to edit the Number Range. We need to edit the Journal Entry Number Range Assignment.

  • Search for Number Range 60 - 600000000001 - 609999999999.
  • This shows us a list of Journal Entry Types that are associated to the Number Range 60 - 600000000001 - 609999999999.
  • Edit the Number Range for all the Journal Entry types shown to now become 61 - 610000000001 - 619999999999.

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