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3118539 - Unexplained Remaining Variances in Event-Based Production Costing for Production Orders


There's unexplained remaining variance exists in Event-Based production orders.




In specific scenarios, input side variance and output side variance will be allocated to Remaining Variance.

Input side variance -> Remaining Variance
For example, for goods movement postings to order, if the Indicator 'Material Origin' not set in relevant material's Costing 1 view,
valuation quantity will not be updated for each material movements postings, input side variance can't be calculated accordingly,
these variance will be allocated to the remaining variance.

Output side variance ->Remaining Variance 
Currently system will consider Input Quantity Variance/Input Price Variance/Input Price Variance/Lot Size Variance/Remaining Variance, mostly for Input side variance.
If order's delivered quantity is different with the plan quantity, this will cause the Output side Variance.
Since the functionality to categorize variance into output side variance has not been delivered yet, this part variance will also be allocated to Remaining Variance.


Please set Indicator 'Material Origin' in material master, Costing 1 view.

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