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3118651 - How to identify, which Apps/Transaction codes are obsolete or replaced in SAP S/4 HANA


Unfortunately there exists no central list, which App or Transaction replaces former t-codes after the Migration to S/4Hana.


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1. Regarding classic GUI t-codes replacing classic GUI t-codes:

In S/4 OP still SU25 can be used to find successors, replacements of old T-codes.
Step 2d is based on the entries in table PRGN_CORR2, which is filled by every application with its relevant information.

Attention: BC-SEC-AUT(-PFC) is the owner of this table, but each application has to provide the content for its own t-codes. Therefore, in case of questions regarding replacements or obsolete t-codes, please contact the SAP support always at the component, which owns the t-code in question. BC-SEC-AUT(-PFC) does not have the information about such replacements.

In addition of table PRGN_CORR2 the table ABLM_BLACKLIST, USOB_SM, TSTC and SM01_DEV are checked for outdated t-codes.

See also: SAP note 2584607 - Missing entries in table PRGN_CORR2 as of release 7.50

Furthermore this blog provides useful information regarding the availability of classic t-codes in S/4:

SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA – Identifying classic user interfaces available for use with SAP S/4HANA

2. Regarding apps replacing GUI t-codes:

In S/4 SU25 cannot be used to find apps, which replace old T-codes.

Actually the situation is like this, that there is no central repository available with a list of transactions and their successor apps.
The approach was planned in the way, that each application provides a documentation regarding the functionality of its apps also with regards to the T-codes, which have been used before the migration. 

Many applications have issued notes also as 'documentation' for customers. Good search expressions for finding such notes could be 'S4TWL' / 'Simplification Item' / 'S4HANA / ....

From the Fiori apps Reference Library side a service called “Fiori apps recommendation analysis” is provided. By using this analysis tool, you can upload a list of Tcodes which you were using before, and then the report will return you a list of relevant Fiori apps for each given/uploaded Tcode. Relevant means that this Fiori is relevant for the Tcode e.g. they are sharing the similar business scenario or process, but it is not 100% that the Fiori app is replacing the Tcode.

Example: if you upload VA01, then the Fiori apps recommendation analysis report will return you Fiori app FXXX (manage sales order) as the relevant Fiori app as this Fiori app is doing similar process as VA01. But Fiori app is not replacing VA01, both can be used in parallel still.

You can use this tool from the Fiori apps reference library homepage .

For more details regarding a comparison of classic t-codes with the functionality of the corresponding apps please refer to the blog:

SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA – Not sure which app? Feature Comparison to the rescue

Also here, in case of questions, please consult the SAP support always at the component, to which the t-code or Fiori app belongs to. BC-SEC-AUT has no knowledge about the details of each application.

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Important update:

As of Q4 of 2022 a new tool for finding obsolete, deprecated, and superseded Fiori apps, GUI t-codes, WebDynpro ABAP functions and WebClient UIs and their successors has been provided!

For details please refer to the blog:

SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA – Upgrade Impact Analysis


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