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3119733 - Implementation of AKAMAI ION



As a part of our commitment to continuous improvement and to deliver great online experiences for the end users, and with increasing user requirements for having quicker response times while using our application, for meeting these requirements we are excited to introduce you to our new feature available for Cloud for Customer application: AKAMAI Ion which helps in better online experience.


Enabling AKAMAI Ion provides optimal performance for your users while accessing C4C application from different locations of the world.

What is AKAMAI Ion

Ion, Akamai’s flagship performance solution, is a suite of intelligent performance optimizations and controls that helps deliver superior web, iOS, and Android app experiences. Built on the SLA-backed availability of the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform™, Ion continuously monitors real user behavior — applying best-practice performance optimizations automatically — and adapting in real time to content, user behavior, and connectivity changes. To know more about the product please visit


SAP Cloud for Customer


Few Benefits of enabling AKAMAI Ion

  • Achieve application scalability and performance under peak traffic conditions 
  • Gain greater agility with self-service configuration and intelligence
  • Improve web application uptake with faster and more reliable experiences
  • Mobile users will get a better experience

AKAMAI Ion implementation for a C4C URL

  • SSL termination happens at AKAMAI edge server
  • No change in issuers of C4C server certificate(**
  • Inbound IP/Origin IP range to C4C url will not change(if you have implemented DNS override for integration scenarios)
  • AKAMAI is part of SAP sub processor list for data processing

How to identify if your URL is Akamai Ion enabled or not

  • In the cmd prompt of your system → execute the command nslookup
    Result will look like: Non-authoritative answer:  

Canonical name(China) =

Canonical name(Russia) =                             

Canonical name(Rest) =

How to create incident to Support 

  • Please follow the steps mentioned in the KBA



  1. How to proceed if IP whitelisting is done your network for accessing your Cloud for Customer URL?(i.e.: your system was not enabled with AKAMAI IPA earlier)?
    Ans:  Contact your corporate IT department to disable IP Restrictions
  2. How to proceed if DNS override is implemented on your on-premise system for Integration scenarios from your on-premise (PI/ERP) to C4C?
    Ans:  No change is required, the IP maintained for DNS override will not get changed.
  3. Where can we get Akamai Ion certificates(full chain) -For China DC tenants only?

Ans: For China DC Akamai enabled tenants kindly download the certificates attached here and upload them in your trust list for integration scenarios


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