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3122279 - No Profit Center Derived for a Bank Statement Journal Entry Where Reporting Principle is Funct of exp, profit ctr/seg with Clearing (or Balancing)


You have set you company's reporting principle as Funct of exp, profit ctr/seg with Clearing (or Balancing). After that, you post a supplier invoice, which has properly derived the profit centers in the journal entry. However, when you directly assign this invoice to a bank statement, the bank statement's journal entry does not derive a profit center from previous transactions.

Alternatively, you post the supplier invoice, the profit center is derived. You then create a payment order for this invoice and you notice that the profit center is also determined in the payment's journal entry. However, when the payment is confirmed, the bank statement's journal entry has no profit center derived from the previous transactions.

You expect that the profit center is derived for the bank statement's journal entry as per the derivation based on document splitting, mentioned in help document Derivation of Profit Centers and Segments


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Liquidity Management work center.
  2. Go to Bank Statements view.
  3. Find the related bank statement.
  4. Open the corresponding journal entry.
  5. Refer to the journal entry's line items and see that the profit center is not derived from previous transactions (invoice and/or payment), as illustrated in the above section of this KBA.


Note that, even though you assign the invoice directly in the bank statement creation, it's not the bank statement itself that clears the invoice, but a clearing/payment document resulting from the payment allocation of that bank statement item. Therefore, the bank statement itself has no cost object (like Cost Center, Material, etc) and since there is no reference of base profit center, the line doesn't inherit the profit center for the bank statement journal entry.

For the Funct of exp, profit ctr/seg with Clearing, the actual payables clearing settlement in a Profit Center or Segment Accounting View is effected via the Profit Center Clearing Account that takes place in the above mentioned Clearing/Payment journal entry, in which:

  • Profit Center Clearing Acct (Debit) will clear the Credit-Balance on the Cash-in Transit Account.
  • Profit Center Clearing Acct (Credit) will clear the Payables account over the open Supplier Invoices (Clearing in Debit).

If you have paid the invoice with a payment order and then confirmed the payment order via bank statement, then the Cash In Transit/Disbursement (Clearing Account) has the profit center derived. The subsequent payment allocation's journal entry then generate the posting for the Profit Center Clearing Acct Debit and Credit accordingly.

Obs: The "Funct of exp, profit ctr/seg, clearing" means that within each journal entry balance for each profit center/segment has to be zero (but not required when reporting principle is Funct of exp, profit ctr/seg, balancing). If necessary system creates new items to a specific G/L account (above mentioned profit center clearing) within a journal entry to achieve zero balance. An empty profit center is also a valid for this case.

Therefore, the clearing settlement in profit center happens as mentioned above. If you wish to have a profit center determined for the bank statement journal entry, that could only be achieved by maintaining a default value for the cash subledger in business configuration, as follows:

  1. Go to Business Configuration -> Implementation Projects.
  2. Open the activity list.
  3. Open activity Profit Center Derivation.
  4. Click Edit Default Profit Center.
  5. Maintain a profit center at least for the cash subledger.

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