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3124758 - The effect of the TDT Tax rate validity date change on the VAT return report


Changing the validity date of a Tax box structure does not impact VAT return in Run Advanced Compliance Reports.


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Validity range has to be maintained in two level in the customizing.


Validity range has to be maintained in two level in the customizing.

1. At tax group level

The validity range at the tax group level refers to the tax rate validity date. If this range was changed, than the selection of documents changed accordingly to the new tax rate validity date. That's the reason why documents with a tax rate validity date which is still in the timeframe of interval are still selected. An example when such change could be intended would be a temporary reduction of the tax rate and for the same timeframe an assignment to another box, all within the same reporting period.

It is recommended to always have this validity range set in the same way as for the corresponding tax code.

See also the documentation: Configuration for VAT Return

2. At tax box structure level

Changing this validity will be based on the reporting period. If a new mapping would be required only from a specific date, then this date should be changed. Than two separate mappings will be created where it is possible to update one and keep the other one in a different status. This ensures the possibility to report for example for 2021 while a new customizing has been already maintained for reporting in 2022.

The approach would be as follows:

  1. Navigate to the tax box structure level (main node in the customizing).
  2. Select the line for the tax box structure which should be changed.
  3. Click "Copy as ..." at the top.
  4. Enter the new validity start date for the new validity range. For the first time, it is recommended to use a date as early as possible where for sure never any reporting will take place. 
  5. Click "Copy" at the right bottom side to do the split.
  6. Confirm the warning about overlapping records.
  7. Select "Copy all" if the copy all tax boxes, tax groups and mappings in the lower hierarchy levels is required. Select "only copy entry" for start from scratch.
  8. Confirm the popup on how many entries were copied.
  9. Save.
  10. Select the tax box structure and click "Expand <-> Collapse" to see all validity ranges for it. From here, any entry for a validity range to view/edit the configuration for this reporting period can be selected. The prevention of deleting SAP delivered entries is only in place for the tax box structure with the valid from date as delivered by SAP. The other validity range(s) can be also changed.
  11. From now on, it is visible the tax box structure validity which is valid on todays date. To see the other ranges need to followed the steps from the previous step.


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