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3125767 - MDF workflow to-do card is not visible on the latest home page


As of the 2H 2021 release, to-do cards for workflow requests are available on the latest home page.

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Reproducing the Issue

If you haven’t seen to-do cards of MDF objects, or you suspect that there are something missing on the latest home page, maybe this article could help you.


One of the possible causes is the Todo Category setting for MDF object definitions. If the object definition doesn’t have the right Todo Category assigned, related to-do card won’t be available for this MDF object.

You can check the Todo Category of one MDF object in the Configure Object Definition page as shown on the example below : 

SuccessFactors offers a new Check Tool item in the 2H 2021 release to help you validate Todo Category setting of MDF object definitions. You can use the Quick Fix (through Check Tool) to correct the configuration automatically.

First you need to do a quick check,  to see if all your Approve Requests are displayed on the latest home page as to-do cards.

Legacy Home Page (Screenshot below ):

Latest Home Page ( Screenshot below ):

Note : The to-do cards of workflow requests are grouped differently on home page than they are on the To-Do side panel, the total may not be the same as at the time of the upgrade we are only bringing 90days worth of data. 

The Check Tool and Quick Fix to help

If you suspect MDF Workflow to-do cards are missing from the latest home page, please run the Check Tool item ToDoCategoryValidation:

Check Tool > MDF Extension Center > To-Do Category > ToDoCategoryValidation

Select the check ToDoCategoryValidation, and click ‘Run Check’ button. When the check is finished, you see the latest result in the Result column. 

Make sure you have following permissions Under ‘Check Tool’ category, two required permissions are ‘Access Check Tool’ and ‘Allow Check Tool Quick Fix’ ( as shown on screenshot below ) 

If there are issues found, please click the link in Result column (not the link in Previous Result). And you will see the detail.

Under the ‘Results’ section, it lists all MDF object definitions that have a wrong to-do category.  And you should see the actual to-do category and expected to-do category from the results.

Next step is to fix all the issues.  You can do it manually through Configure Object Definition or use Quick Fix to fix all issues within 3 clicks.

However, before you start fixing the to-do category configuration issue, please read this blog MDF To-Do Category Changes Beginning with Second Half (2H 2021) Release – Innovation Alert to avoid impact to Todo API integration.

To use the Quick Fix, simply click the ‘Step 2’, the tool will get you through the whole process of Quick Fix (with step 3 and step 4).  Finally, you will see this message below.

Note: the ‘Step 2’ button is visible only if you have the permission we mentioned before: Check Tool > Allow Check Tool Quick Fix 

And you should go back to this Check Tool later to verify the result of Quick Fix.

Click the link in ‘Previous Result’, and you should see similar popup of Check History as following screen below :

Please check the two rows with Check Event ‘Before Fix’ and ‘After Fix’ which are the Quick Fix result.

If everything goes well, all issues should be able to fix automatically, and the Result of ‘After Fix’ should be No issues found.

But there is indeed a corner case where there are still issues found after using the Quick Fix .

In most cases, this means the MDF object definition has other configuration issues which prevents the Quick Fix to update the to-do category setting.

In such case, you can try update object definition from Conofigure Object Definition. And you should see other warnings or errors related with the MDF object definition, please correct them accordingly. After that, try Check Tool again to fix todo category settings.

Note: Access Configure Object Definition page requires permission:

Metadata Framework > Configure Object Definition

If no issues are found by the Check Tool, or you have fixed all issues found by the Check Tool, please trigger a workflow request and verify whether new to-do cards are generated or not.  If the issue persists, please open a support ticket with the following details:

  • The MDF object definition you tested
  • The workflow requests you tried to trigger

More details can be found on Blog Post MDF Workflow To-Do Cards Not Visible on the Latest Home Page?

Some frequently asked questions:

Q: Should I approve all existing workflow requests before fixing ToDo Category setting?

A: Not necessary. Fixing ToDo Category setting won’t impact you handling pending requests. Existing workflow requests are always available in your Approve Requests inbox (you can find it from Top Navigation) or on the My Pending Request page.


Q: After fixing ToDo Category setting, are to-do cards for existing MDF workflow requests available on the latest home page?

A: No, they are not. If the status of existing workflow requests remains unchanged, system won’t generate to-do card for them. After ToDo Category setting is corrected, system will generate to-do cards for new workflow requests, as well as existing workflow requests whose status changes (to the next approver or get sent back).


Q: I am not going to enable the latest home page in H2 2021, shall I run the Check Tool and fix ToDo Category setting issues now?

A: It is not mandatory, but we recommend that you run the check tool to understand system status. In the 1H 2022 release, SAP SuccessFactors will deprecate four To-Do categories. The deprecation might impact your to-do API integration.  It is better to fix ToDo Category setting issues as early as possible.

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