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3126076 - How to assign a custom number range interval for a delivery type


You would like to change the number range for a delivery type from like "NL80000000" to "NL89999999".




Please follow the configuration steps:

  1.  Create a custom number range intervals e.g. "ZI" for "NL80000000" to "NL89999999" via configuration activity Define Number Ranges for Deliveries.
  2. In the configuration activity Define Formulas for Flexible Delivery Document Numbering, create a CPF formula (including a decision table) that fulfills your business requirements. 
    • Create a Formula; e.g. "Z_NUM_LF"
    • Assign parameter "DELIVERYTYPE" to the formula
    • For formula task "SET_NUMBER_RANGE" assign prio "1" to parameter "DELIVERYTYPE"
    • Add a new line in the decision table: 
      • Operator: =
      • Delivery Type: LF
      • Number Range Interval: ZI
    • Save
  3.  Perform the configuration activity Define Custom Routines for Flexible Delivery Document Numbering. Here, register a routine number and assign it your formula by selecting the implementation type Configurable Parameters and Formulas (CPF) and entering the formula ID as the enhancement ID "Z_NUM_LF"
    Your formula (including its decision table) is now mapped to the routine number.
  4. Perform the configuration activity Assign Custom Routines to Delivery Document Types. Choose the delivery type LF. Then, enter the routine number that you registered in the previous step to assign the chosen delivery type to the target formula.


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