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3128528 - Fiori application filter only shows one option (Saved Variant Corruption) - How to reset to back to default - Monitor External Procurement (Cloud)


  • The Fiori application appears to work for most people except a few users
  • For the purpose of this Knowledge Base, the main reported case was under Fiori Application Monitor External Procurement, please adjust accordingly depending on your Fiori application (See Note 2 below)
  • For the affected user for their profile, whenever they use a Fiori app (Ex: Application X - Example for Application X could be: Monitor External Procurement) and they click the filter button, it only shows one option
    •  Example: Application X and you click the filter button it only shows:
         |____Option 1 (for filter)
    • While other users when they click on Application X and you click the filter button it shows all other filter options
         |____Option 1 (for filter)
         |____Option 2
         |____Option 3
         |____Option N (Where N is the end of the options)
  • Actual results: When the affected users select the Filter then only are provided with one option to search for

    ~~~See picture~~~~

  • Expected Results: Filter options to be available for all users:

    Note: To properly run the application more filter options should be provided so that the user can use and filter accordingly

    ~~~See picture~~~

    Note 1: The example Fiori application above is called: "Monitor External Procurement" and External Procurement is supported under Application Support component = PP-FIO-MRP

    Note 2: If your Fiori application X is outside of External Procurement, please utilize the Fiori apps library to determine which Application Support Component may need to do the manual reset as presented below

  • The SAP Basis or admin cannot reproduce
  • The SAP User who have the issue has the same roles as the other users who have no issues
  • How do you reset a user to default back to the appropriate settings?
    • What are the different options available?


 S/4HANA 2108 or others


  • Cause 1: May need to clear the stored cache
  • Cause 2: Corruption due to: Variant management for freestyle apps logic were changed in newer system and the old stored variants have limited compatibility with the new logic (S/4HANA 2108 or higher)
  • Additional knowledge 1: The SAP Fiori UI5 control (Component: CA-UI5-CMP) has zero influence on each user logged on an application thereby having zero logic that may influence the saving of the variant or filter (In short: The FilterBar uses FilterItem aggregation to show those options in the Adapt Filter dialog)
  • Additional knowledge 2: Typical component for variant is CA-UI5-FL (Flexibility) and items that can be checked by the team if there was any user changes seen for a Cloud usesr (CBXXXXXX where CB is a Cloud user).  For this issue there are zero changes or public changes available for this application.
  • Note: Between additional knowledge 1 and 2, the likelihood of the issue is Cause 2 (Corruption) for the specific user. The issue is strictly application specific.


Here are several options that a user can try to address the issue (Checklist):

  • Option 1 (Cause 1): Try to run the browser in Incognito mode (CTRL+SHIFT+N).  This is to see if there are pre-set cached save for this user.
  • Option 2 (Cause 1): Try to delete the saved view and try again.
  • Option 3 (Cause 1): Try to see if the browser reset strategy would work to reset the user.
    • Follow note/KBA: 3095857 - Business Application Studio (BAS) - how to reset cookies / token or delete after upgrade or any changes
  • Option 4 (Cause 1): Try to see if invalidating the backend cache will work while attempting option 3 above.
    • 2319491 - How to clean up the cache after applying changes that affect SAP Fiori apps - SAP for Me 
    • If your environment is in the Cloud, you may need to request a special request to component: XX-S4C-OPR-INC (Cloud Operation) to work with you to do this step as the operation team may be limited without prior authorization to modify the production environment
      • The request to the operation team is to run the main 4 commands or reports in 2319491
      • State to the operation team that you are not installing items but simply running a report for them to comply as there may be rules of engagement and process for them to decline a request in production (you as the user simply need to request to run the report as shown in 2319491 and approve this request)
      • After this try Option 3 again and retest
  • If Option 1 to 4 fails then most likely your environment is corrupted (Cause 2 - Reference: 804922/2021 )
    • Here are the next steps to do if your environment is corrupted
      1. First check if the user can delete all stored variants for this Fiori application X (Where X could be any Fiori application).
      2. After deleting all stored variants for this app, try to logout and close the open browser and try again (Sign in).
      3. If these (step 1 to 2) fails then a request to development under component: PP-FIO-MRP (or application Fiori application per note 2 above) may be needed to clean the corruption (This may be done manually by the application development team in the Cloud)
        • Requirements: (Please read Note 2 above for proper component handling)
          • Give SAP Development/Support special approval and authorization (SUPPORT_DEVELOP_LOCAL) to delete this corrupt old variants
            • SAP Product Support to forward this request to development provided the requirements above/below were completed and provided
          • Customer/User to write an approval request via the case/case that you are allowing this manual deletion (reset) to occur (Steps below)
          • Give SAP Development all the users information who are affected by this corruption
            • In essence, the CB-User of all of the affected users who were corrupted
        • Then Development (PP-FIO-MRP or applicable Application Development team per note 2 above) will delete manually all stored variants for the MRP Cockpit Apps for the mentioned users above (or appropriate Cockpit apps tied to the Fiori application defined in note 2 above in the cloud)
            • Sample - MRP Cockpit Apps are:
              • Monitor Material Coverage - Net Segments
              • Monitor Material Coverage -  Individual Segments
              • Check Material Coverage
              • Monitor External Requirements
              • Monitor Production Orders
              • Monitor Process Orders
          • Disclaimer: Once this manual deletion is done then all users stored variant will be removed - please notify users


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SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2108