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3129704 - Image Recommendations for Career Site Builder


This KBA has recommendations for image resolution to be used / supported in CSB.


SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing (RMK)


The following table describes the image size recommendations for Career Site Builder components.

Component Image Size Recommendations
Career Site Builder ComponentRecommendation
Subscribe Form1200 by 485 pixels. Choose the focal point of the image using the Image Position dropdown list.
Featured JobsThis image can either of the following, as long as it doesn't distract from the text or render text unreadable:
  • A subtle background image tiled across the page
  • A single image – the recommended size is 1200 by 337 pixels
Image and Text CarouselIf you use:
  • Slide images – they should be 760 by 500 pixels, and you should use the Image Position dropdown list to select the image focal point.
  • A background image – it should be 760 by 360 pixels, and should be subtle so as not to distract from the main content.

Image Carousel

The Width between Images setting determines the width of image slides. Set this to between 250 and 400 pixels. That setting will determine the height of the image.


Best practice is to disable the Image Carousel component for desktop and mobile sizes.

Info and Subscribe Form

700 by 500 pixels.

Large Image

1200 by 400 pixels. The second value is the height of the images, which is dictated in the Max Height of Image field. This value defaults to 590 pixels, but 400 pixels is the recommended maximum height for optimum display. Choose the focal point of the image using the Image Position dropdown list.


The image size in the Text component is determined by the amount of text added. As for all background images, choose something subtle that doesn't distract from the text itself. If using a full-size image, set the width to 1200 pixels.

Three Column Images with Caption

760 by 500 pixels. The background image is drastically cropped at the table size, so make sure to choose the focal point using the Image Position dropdown list. Image Position doesn't let you resize or refocus the three column images.

Two Columns

For a decorative image that will overlap with the text and will not scale, use 500 by 333 pixels.

For an image with content that you don't want to overlap with text, the image should have the right half be transparent, and aligned at the "top" or "bottom," or be "scaled" or "stretched."


Images in a two-column component don't display on mobile devices.

The following table lists strategy page image recommendations.

Strategy Page Image Recommendations
Image UseRecommendation
Two Columns500 by 333 pixels
Large ImageWidth of 1200 pixels and height of less than 400 pixels.
No imageNot using an image on the Strategy Page keeps the main content of the page close to the top.


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