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3129874 - Nothing Happens When Clicking 'Set As Pending' Action for Sales Quote "Your entries have been saved. ABC reference missing. Check product items."


For a replicated quote the 'Set as Pending' action is active, however, clicking it has no effect on the quote.


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Reproducing the Issue

Prerequisite: Integration with the ERP.

  1. Go to the Sales work centre
  2. Go to the Sales Quotes view
  3. Open quote example 123 (123 represents the quote ID of a quote replicated from, for example, ERP).
  4. The action 'Set as Pending' appears to be active, but clicking it has not effect on the quote - nothing happens.

Error: "Your entries have been saved. ABC reference missing (ABC represents the missing reference). Check product items."


The reason that nothing is done by the ‘Set as Pending’ with the quote 123 is the following:

The feature of the action  ‘Set as Pending’ is to remove the Reason for Rejection on the header level. When the header rejection reason is initial, as is the case with the quote 123,  it will do nothing.

In fact, the action ‘Set as Pending’ was introduced together with the ‘Set as Won’ and ‘Set as Lost’ in order to support manual change to the status. Therefore, the ‘Set as Pending’ is normally used with combination of the other 2 actions for the cases that a quote was set to ‘won’ /’lost’ with the action ‘Set as Won’/’Set as Lost’.

For the case that a quote is cancelled directly on the item level ( as is the case with the 123), the ‘Set as Pending’ cannot work because the rejection reason is only set on the item level.

In this case, the rejection reason needs to be removed directly from the Item to reopen the quote.


We are aware that it can be misleading in the current system design, that the action ‘Set as Pending’ is still active although nothing can be done with it.

We are therefore checking the possibility to make it inactive for this type of scenario during the coming release 2202 - however, we do not have a definite set date or confirmation of this implementation as of yet.

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