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3130898 - KI 305 - Please assign account assignment object XXX to a profit center message raised in Settlement Management in SAP S/4HANA Cloud


During the creation of a settlement document -which is relevant for Accounting- or releasing it to Accounting, the error message KI 305 -Please assign account assignment object XXX to a profit center- occurs.

***Please consider that this document is only relevant for SAP S/4HANA Cloud! ***


Settlement Management in SAP S/4HANA Cloud

  Relevant Scope items:

  • Sales Rebate Processing (1B6)

  • Purchasing Rebate Processing (2R7)

  • Sales Commissions - External Sales Representative (2TT)

  • Royalties Settlement for Sales (55I)


In SAP S/4HANA Cloud environment an account assignment object is a mandatory for the Accounting, such information can be determined based on several cost element information (one can be e.g. profit center or cost center). In case no account assignment object is determined in Accounting, the KI 305 error will be correctly raised during the settlement or the release of the document. In Settlement Management the most common reason is that there is no profit center which could be used to determine a mandatory account assignment object. The profit center is determined based on the business volume documents with the help of the split criteria.

Regardless which process is used, by default the program tries to take over the profit center from the relevant business volume documents, only in case these contain a profit center, it can be passed to the Accounting.

The profit center is a split criterion on item level, this means that in case one such line exists, where no profit center information is attended the relevant settlement document as whole will reflect the KI 305 error.

Here you can find some suggestions, how you can verify which business volume documents are effected:

  • You can check the relevant business volume in the Display Business Volume - Condition Contracts App 
  • In this App you can dynamically check the relevant business volume for the effected condition contract and settlement date. 
  • You can use the "Output Level Business Volume" option to select the results in different variations. You can for example use the "Settlement Date and Split Criteria" option to see general how the splits will happen for the relevant settlement date and settlement date type.
  • In case you are interested which exact business volume document is effected, you can select the "Single Record" option and check each document in detail.

Ki 305.png

Please consider that the Display Business Volume - Condition Contracts App is dynamically using the data which is available in the system at the time of the execution. In case you have an already existing document, which was not released to Accounting, but in the meantime further business volume documents were created, those of course were not relevant at the time of the document creation yet and will be considered by the next date.



From Settlement Management side the profit center information can only be passed from the business volume document, however there are other options to avoid this error.

You can refer to the below respective KBA/Notes, which describes the possibilities what can be done in case such documents were already created, where no profit center is attended:

3009065 - Please assign account assignment object &1 &2 to a profit center.

2985253 - S/4HANA Cloud: Message KI 305 prevents posting of journal entries

In case you would like to investigate or prevent in the future such documents to be created, depending on your process(es) you may consider discussing it with your Sales or Procurement consultant, how in each case the profit center determination happens in the corresponding area.

Also please consider that changing any existing documents or master data, should be carefully discussed and performed, because it can lead to reporting and data inconsistencies or mismatch.

Any changes will only have an effect on new documents, however the old documents can be still used as business volume documents.

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