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3135385 - The ports used by Analysis Office


This document aims to clarify what ports are used by Analysis Office when connecting to BW system.


SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office


Application Server:

For application server, Analysis Office uses standard port 48<system_number> for SNC enabled RFC connections and 33<system_number> without SNC. This is NOT the same as SAP GUI.

However, as per SAP UI Landscape Configuration Guide and some internal system entries in file %appdata%\SAP\Common\SAPUILandscape.xml or even when a custom application server (directly) is defined in SAP GUI, the user can define an application server (mode = 1) and its specific port. In the example below, port 5611 was defined:

Example system entry.png

In this case, AO will take the last two digits of port as system number (i.e. 11 in this example) and use port 48/33<system_number> (i.e. 4811 or 3311 in this example) for the application server.

Message Server / Gateway Server:

For message server or gateway server, Analysis Office uses what is defined in file %appdata%\SAP\Common\SAPUILandscape.xml. If not defined, AO will take the port from file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\services (e.g. sapmsSID for load balance or e.g. sapgw01 for gateway).

IMPORTANT: When routing is involved

In any case above, if routing is involved, the port of the appRouter will also be used. The router string with port can be defined either in SAP GUI or in any launcher, including the ones from BI platform (for OLAP connections).

More information about the ports can be found in document SAP .NET Connector 3.0 Programming Guide (pages 49, 52 and 59).

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