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3139790 - User is getting 'please press the stop button before closing' after pressing the red 'X' next to the refresh button


"User is getting 'please press the stop button before closing' after pressing the red 'X' next to the refresh button"

Report Designer appears to "hang"


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This would be normal behaviour and the reason is when a user clicks the Refresh button CR sends the SQL to the Client and then it waits for the data to start streaming back to start processing it.

I assume the users are closing CR Designer by clicking on the X in the top right corner because they either made a mistake or they don't want to wait for the report to finish processing correct?

That is the reason for the Red X button, if they don't want to wait they have that option and the reason why they get the message.

So here's why, some databases do not support asynchronous communication between the Client and Server. What that ability is used for is for this exact scenario, the user wants to stop the Query running.

Here's the problem, if the Client/Database doesn't support Async then CRD has the option to stop it and allow the user to move on.

The Red X does two things, if the DB/Client supports it we send a Stop command and it releases the report from waiting for all of the data, it then processes what it has.

So in this case it's simply a matter of educating the Users, Pressing the RED X may not stop the report from processing completely due to the nature of the DB Client not supporting Async.

If the Client is capable then it would be an option in the ODBC DSN for the client

They need to wait for it to complete and then they can close the Report Designer, as the message indicates.

For Example, search Oracle it appears they don't support Async: Known Limitations

The following are not supported by Oracle ODBC driver:

  • ODBC ASYNC interface

You may want to try using the CR Oracle driver or other client like OLE DB, under the Database Menu select Set Location...

Oracle Example: Expand the Oracle and fill in the log on info. Then if multiple Tables are used click on each and then the update button.

Once the report is updated then refresh the report and then click on the RED X button and see if it stop's processing the report.


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