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3141960 - Workflow Scenario selection based on start condition "Account assignment " "P"


  • You have created a purchase order with Account Assignment Category as P - Project
  • Workflow created for Project
  • Workflow created for Cost center
  • Start Conditions given in the project workflow is matching to the details given in the PO but the workflow triggered is related to cost center or Automatic Release of Purchase Order instead Workflow for Project

Sample Start Condition in Project:

Account assignment category 'Project' is used Yes



Reproducing the Issue

  1. App: Manage Purchase Orders
  2. Select the PO and navigate to General Information > Account Assignment Category: Project (P)
  3. Navigate to Account Assignment tab > Purchase Order Item Account Assignments
  4. WBS element and other information are filled and saved

After the PO created, in the Approval Details tab you notice the workflow triggered belongs to Cost Center Workflow instead Project related workflow


The Project used in the Purchase Order belongs to Statistical projects in the App: Project Control

And these type of Projects are used for statistical cost postings and project cost reporting purposes only. Therefore, in statistical projects, no overhead calculations or settlements can be executed. So at the WBS element level, you must set the cost center which acts as real accounting object to which the costs are actually posted by default.

The meaning of cost center assigned to the statistical WBS element can be understood by the following help text.

This cost center  assigned to statistical WBS element will be used by the purchase order as actual accounting element. Due to this real cost center assigned to the WBS element, the purchase order treats the cost center as the cost element for the line item.

So when you create purchase order with statistical WBS element assigned and also a real cost center assigned to this statistical WBS element gets assigned as Cost element in the purchase order, therefore due to the presence of cost center, Cost center workflow is picked.


  1.  Use of Non Statistical Project and it's WBS element in the PO will trigger Workflow related to Projects
  2.  If the Statistical Project and it's WBS element is what is expected in your PO's then the system behavior to pick the workflow related to the cost center is correct based on the real cost carrying cost center that system is using to trigger the workflow.

See the KBA  2767845 - How to define new Procurement Pre-conditions in Manage Workflow Apps

See the KBA 3142142 - Workflow Scenario selection based on start condition "Account assignment"


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