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3144696 - Field "Employee" Not Visible In 'MY ACCOUNTS' Query


Despite being set as visible, the field 'Employee' is not visible in the Advanced search for the query 'My Accounts' in the Account OWL.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Customers work centre
  2. Go to the Accounts view
  3. Enter Adaptation mode
  4. Open the query 'My Accounts' 
  5. Select Advanced Search

Result: the field 'Employee' is not visible in the Advanced search despite being set as visible.


The query 'My Accounts' already has the employee search set to the logged-in user.

The account owl has two advanced find forms, one for the "my queries" and one for the "all query".

For the "my queries" advanced find form, the employee parameter doesn't make sense because these queries are always fired with employee = "logged in employee", the employee parameter only makes sense / only gets offered for the "all" advanced find form.


This is the expected system behaviour by design.

Note: in Adaptation mode you will see fields that are related to the basic UI frame of a view. This means, a field/ section/ facet/ etc. might show up and be set to visible, that has another condition set by the system before it will actually show up in the UI.

For example here, the Employee field is only available in the 'All Accounts' query.

Another example could be the Territory fields, which depend on your Territory scoping (Multiple vs Single Territory scoping) or certain elements are available on a SALES contract, which are not visible in a SERVICE contract, etc.

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