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3148291 - Not able to use alternative ports for SFTP communication besides Port 22


Currently it's not possible to use different ports than Port 22 for SFTP communication in Integration Center, Security Center or Intelligent Service Center and you may be facing one of the error messages below:


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  • Security Center
  • Intelligent Service Center


In summary, Port 22 is associated with the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol, which is widely used for secure remote administration and secure file transfer. It provides encrypted communication and authentication mechanisms for secure access to remote systems and secure file transfers over unsecured networks.

Considering that, the Port 22 is the only port supported for SFTP communication. Custom ports are not authorized for communication as they can cause security issues.

Please check the "See Also" section for more useful documentation on this.

After 2H 2023 release, the Port information on Security Center and Integration Center (under Destination Settings tab) will have its value defaulted to 22 for new IC jobs and new Destination Settings set ups in the Security Center (please refer to the What's New Viewer article). 
2. If a previously scheduled job was set up with a different port than port 22, it will continue to work (i.e., this announcement only applies to jobs which are newly created or newly scheduled post 2H 2023).
3. If you had a previously scheduled IC job in a port other than 22 and wish to continue using it, please ensure the job is scheduled ahead of Production Release (likewise, any integrations already scheduled with any Port other than 22 will continue working)

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