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3149211 - SAP Marketing Cloud Segmentation Configuration Sanity Check - Used but invisible attributes


The Segmentation Configuration Sanity Check reports some issues related to 'Used but invisible attributes' - you are not sure about the consequences of the check result and any required action to be performed due to the check result.

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  • SAP Marketing Cloud Edition

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Access the Segmentation Configuration app
  2. Observe that the Sanity Check reports some issues related to 'Used but invisible attributes'


The 'Used but invisible attributes' Sanity Check checks the segmentation attribute configuration against the usage of the attributes. The check reports the following usage of segmentation attributes per segmentation object and data source:

  • attributes not flagged as 'Visible as Attribute' but are used in Segmentation Models
  • attributes not flagged as 'Visible as Attribute' but are used in Segmentation Building Blocks
  • attributes not flagged as 'Available in Export Definition' but are used in an Export Definition

On opening the detailed view of the Sanity Check you will find the affected attributes grouped by segmentation objects and data source alias - from there you can navigate to the detailed attribute usages view that lists all affected segmentation attributes and the usage in segmentation models, building blocks or export definitions, which is a segmentation model in the sample case:

From there you can navigate to the affected segmentation model - the affected attribute is listed under attribute group 'Required Attributes':


What is the consequence of using invisible attributes?

  • Invisible attributes will still be used by the segmentation model, existing segments still consider those attributes. Segments containing invisible attributes however can no longer be changed - the option 'Change Segment' is disabled.

    Further it is no longer possible to create new segments based on the invisible attribute - creating a new segment raises an error.

    Creating a new segment by drag and drop the attribute to an existing segment is forbidden as well.

Are there any follow up actions required for the 'Used but invisible attributes' check?

  • Basically there are no mandatory action items defined, especially for Productive Tenants however having many unusable/unchangeable attribute in segmentation models might become problematic.

What possible action can be performed?

  • Invisible attributes that are still required
    • Non obsolete attributes can be enabled again, by setting the 'Visible as Attribute' flag for the usage in segmentation models or the 'Available in Export Definition' for the usage in export definitions.

    • attributes flagged as obsolete can be replaced by the successor attribute. If an invisible, obsolete attribute is used in a segmentation model, the affected segment can be removed manually and being replaced by a segment based on the successor attribute. In case there are many segmentation models affected, that need to be changed, please raise a case in CEC-MKT-SEG area to request tool support.
  • Invisible attributes that are no longer required and the usage is obsolete

    • the affected segment can be removed manually from the segmentation model.
    • no longer used segmentation models can be deleted from the Segmentation Models app.

See Also

Also refer to the online help:

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