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3154686 - The Goods and Service Receipt Document Being Automatically Assigned to the Supplier Invoice


You have already posted a supplier invoice. However when you create a new goods and service receipt, system allocates the receipt documents to the already Posted invoices.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Goods and Services Receipts work center.
  2. Go to the Receipts and Returns view. 
  3. Select the relevant Receipt document.
  4. Select Edit and navigate to Document Flow.
  5. Here you can see, that receipt document is automatically linked to supplier invoice


The user does the invoice posting first with missing goods receipt. Latter when the receipt document is posted, system allocates the goods receipt quantities to the invoice automatically. If you check the invoice, it has been posted by missing goods and service receipt exception. So when you post the goods receipt document, system will use goods receipt quantity from these to fulfill the invoice quantity in invoice because it is older. This will have a knock on effect as subsequent Invoices cannot be fulfilled with a single goods receiptso multiple goods receipts are used to match the invoice quantity.


The goods receipt were assigned automatically. This happened because the Invoice was paid/posted when no delivery was done and this triggered and exception that delivery was missing, after accepting this exception the system create Goods Receipt and post. Since the invoice is paid the system allocates the goods receipt to the Invoice until it fulfills the quantities. Also since there are multiple invoices missing Goods Receipt, and multiple Goods Receipt, the system will allocate the Goods Receipt starting with the oldest invoice.

If you don't want some of the auto-proposed delivery documents be linked, please go to Items tab, Cost Distribution sub tab -> Edit Cost Distribution -> Here you can always manually adjust the assigned quantity to add open items or remove the existing goods receipt links.

Or, if you only want to invoice one delivery document per invoice, you can go to Supplier Invoicing work center - Invoice Entry view - Sleect All deliveries to be invoiced query and Create a new Invoice. This way, you can create invoice per delivery document.


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