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3155598 - When Creating Sales Documents the Account Sales Data Fields and Employee Responsible Are Always the Same


You have an account with several sales data entries maintained in its Sales Data view; When you create sales documents, you always see the same values being selected for the fields 'Sales Organisation', 'Distribution Channel' and 'Division'; you notice this with the field 'Owner' too despite seeing in Account Team view other entry of party role 'Employee Responsible - Sales' flagged as 'Main'.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Customers work center;
  2. Open the Accounts view.
  3. Open Account ABC (where ABC is the ID of the account).
  4. Open the Sales Data view and notice the several entries maintained.
  5. Open the Account Team view and notice the multiple entries maintained for party role 'Employee Responsible - Sales'; one of them might be flagged as 'Main'.
  6. Open the Sales work center.
  7. Open the Leads work center view (this is an example, it applies to other Sales Documents).
  8. Click in the + icon.
  9. Check the flag 'Use Existing Account'.
  10. In the account field, select Account ABC.

You will see the fields Sales Organization, Distribution Channel and Division always be filled with DEF (where DEF is data from a line of Sales Data view of Account ABC); additionally, the field Owner will be always GHI (where GHI is an entry of 'Employee Responsible - Sales' of Account Team view of Account ABC).


When multiple sales data entries are maintained for an account ABC and you are creating a sales document, the system will select randomly an entry from the list. This will come from sorting sequence in backend tables. With this selection, then an Owner will be derived comparing the sales data information selected and the sales data that is maintained in the Account Team view of the entries of party role 'Employee Responsible - Sales'. The flag 'Main' does NOT interfere in this process. Sales Data will be selected first always, then account team, never the opposite way.


This is the system current standard behavior.


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