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3155988 - Delay in real-time data replication when SAP Datasphere connection uses SDI ABAPAdapter


ABAP based realtime replications using DPAgent (SDI) does not replicate data instantly. 

Unexpected delay for updates replicated via real-time to reach SAP Datasphere.


SAP Datasphere

Reproducing the Issue

Using Real-Time replication as mentioned on SAP Help Portal.


SAP Datasphere works as designed.


The replication frequency is determined automatically and can not be changed.
Depending on the scenario, it could take 1h or even 1 day until new data is replicated into SAP Datasphere tables.

In general, the "extractionperiod" in SDI ABAP Adapter, which is used for ABAP connections, is determined in the following order of priority:

  1. Explicitly specified using "extractionperiod" property in the remote subscription creation statement (Not specified in SAP Datasphere)
  2. If no extractionperiod was specified in 1. then the "extractionperiod" property in the virtual table creation statement (Also not specified in SAP Datasphere)
  3. If no extractionperiod was specified in 2. then the value of the DELTA_PERIOD_MINIMUM field of the ET_ADDITIONAL_INFO table of the extractor's metadata is used
  4. If nothing so far, then the default value of 3600 seconds is used. 

To confirm, execute in Tx SE37 the FM RODPS_REPL_ODP_GET_DETAIL with the parameters like this:

I_ODPNAME: <CDS view> 

The DELTA_PERIOD_MINIMUM field value of the ET_ADDITIONAL_INFO output table is the expected fetch internal.

For further information of CDS delta mechanism check Community Blog Post CDS based data extraction - Part II Delta Handling, for instance

As rule of thumb could be:

  • 15s for real-time-capable ODPs
  • 1h for any other delta-capable ODP
  • 1 day for delta-capable ODPs when heuristic expects updates only once per day (e.g. when delta/CDC mechanism is based on a date field (ABAP type DATS))

As an alternative, SAP highly recommends to use Replication Flows.


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SAP Datasphere 1.0