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3157425 - Removing/Deleting Tickets from Cloud for Service


  • There are cases where customers may have test tickets which are not needed 
  • Customers want to delete, remove or hide such unwanted tickets
  • What is the most effective way of removing unwanted tickets
  • How can one safely remove or delete test or unwanted ticket in production systems


  • SAP C4C
  • SAP Cloud for Customer
  • SAP Cloud for Service


  • By design, users are not permitted to delete tickets from any production systems (see Tickets FAQ)
  • In both production systems and test systems:
    • changing status of a ticket which status is/was set as "Closed" or "Completed" is not permitted or possible
    • deleting a ticket that has a status of "Closed" or "Completed" is also not permitted or possible
  • For tickets with other statuses, there are possible workarounds


  • Removing unwanted tickets in Non-Productive systems (Only)
    1. Logon C4C as an Administrator
    2. Navigate to Administrator > Service and Social > Ticket Configuration -> click "Delete Ticket"
      • Only available in Test/QA systems
      • This option is not available in any Production system (see KBA 2855569)
      • Only one ticket can be deleted at a time
  • Removing tickets in Production systems. Can only be done for tickets with statuses other than "Closed" or "Completed"
    • Set the tickets to "Irrelevant" - hides the tickets from the Agents Queues (see "Managing the Ticket List" for more details)
      1. Select the ticket from the OWL
      2. Select "More" or the 3 dots at the upper right-hand corner (...)
      3. Select Set as "Irrelevant"
  • Alternatively, one can also use the following steps to set the tickets as to be deleted (only works for tickets with status "Open"). See KBA 3088875 for more info.
      1. Search for the Business Object "Service Request" and download the excel file.
      2. Go to the Data Workbench, select the Export view
      3. Open the file, set the Ticket ID with the Ticket that you want to delete and add a Column named "TobeDeleted" and add the value as TRUE
      4. Go to the Data Workbench, select the Import view and upload the excel file that you have edited.
      5. Once the processing is complete, the Ticket is going to be deleted in definitive from the system
        • the above can be validated via Administrator -> General Settings -> Deleted Data

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