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3157649 - Sorry, we were unable to publish data from version A to B in SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning (SAC)


An error occurred when publishing a private version created from a public version containing a huge volume of fact data with the "copy all data" option.

  • Sorry, we were unable to publish data from version A to B

In the F12 -> network trace, you can see the following 2 requests:

  • copy-to-private?tenant=A
    -> pending -> 403 code -> "Private version can't be created because number of copied rows (xxxxxxx) exceeds configured limit of yyyyyyyy rows" in request copy-to-private?tenant=A. 
  • publish-to-new?tenant=A 
    -> pending -> 502 Bad Gateway: Registered endpoint failed to handle the request.


  • SAP Analytics Cloud (Enterprise) 2021.20.22


The root cause for the failure to publish (and the long time it takes to copy the version) is the version size of too many facts. Reducing the version size, e.g. by splitting up the data, would most likely solve the problem.


Do you need to copy and then publish this version to a new version in order to have a "backup" public version? Or do you copy the version in order to plan on the private version and then re-publish the result later on?

If it's the former: you have the option of creating a multi action that automates these steps:

  1. Create a data action for your model
  2. Add 2 parameters: one for the Version dimension (to use as the source version) and one for the dimension that you want to slice into subsets (e.g., cost center)
  3. Add a single copy step where you set a context filter for the Version dimension and for the dimension that you want to slice. Set them to the parameters created in step 2. No copy rules or aggregations are necessary.
  4. Create a multi action
  5. Add a data action step for each subset of members that you want to copy. Use the data action that you created in step 1. Set the parameter in each step to the subset of members to be copied. Make sure that "publish target version automatically" is checked for each step.
  6. The parameter for the source version can either be set to a fixed version now or you can create a multi action parameter and link it to the data actions' parameter.

Now in the story, you can copy and publish an EMPTY version, then run the multi action. The target version needs to be set to that newly created empty version.
Please note that this will not copy hidden accounts, should you have any. In that case, a warning would be displayed on the data action's copy step.

If it's the latter: in that case, the Planning Area may work for you. While the Planning Area does shrink the writable area of the private version, you will still see and be able to read the entire dataset. In the copied private version, you will see all the data that the original public version also holds; the only difference being that only a subset of the data is writable.

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