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3159423 - Extension Center is going to be deprecated [MDF]


Deprecation of “SuccessFactors Extensions” from Extension Center.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • Metadata framework (MDF)
  • Extension Center


  • “SuccessFactors Extensions” is not heavily used by customers.
  • Feature gaps to maintain objects in “SuccessFactors Extensions” and “Configure Object Definitions”
  • Reduce maintenance effort on duplicated features as most capabilities in “SuccessFactors Extensions” have replacements in Admin Center


  • As of 2022 1H, announce the deprecation of “SuccessFactors Extensions” from Extension Center, which means no new enhancement and the whole feature is in maintenance mode.
  • As of 2022 2H, remove “SuccessFactors Extensions” from Extension Center.


Removing “SuccessFactors Extensions” will clean the entry of “SuccessFactors Extensions” from Extension Center landing page and remove all its subpages.



Q1: Are there any features can still work or have replacements after removing “SuccessFactors Extensions”?

A: Yes. Most capabilities provided in “SuccessFactors Extensions” are also available with Admin UIs in Admin Center. For details see question numbers 2 - 6.

Q2: How do we maintain the object definitions after removing “SuccessFactors Extensions”?

A: Use “Admin Center” -> “Configure Object Definition" to search/ create/ update or delete the object definition, where we can also define the “Fields”, “Relationships”, “Properties” and “Security” information.

Refer to Generic Object Definition or 2438887 - How to create a custom field for an MDF Object?

Q3: How do we maintain the Rules, Workflows and UIs for MDF object after removing “SuccessFactors Extensions”?


Refer to Business Rules in MDF or 2562069 - Scenario based business rules for MDF objects. Parameters and other related information.

Refer to Workflows in MDF or 2768151 Triggering workflows on MDF objects using business rule.

Refer to Manage Configuration UI or 2553102- Manage Configuration UI : (MDF object UI) FAQ.

Q4: How do we maintain the DPP (Data Protection and Privacy Configuration) for MDF object after removing “SuccessFactors Extensions”?

A: Refer to Legislatively Sensitive Personal Data Configuration

Q5: How do we maintain the Picklists after removing “SuccessFactors Extensions”?

A: Refer to MDF Picklists.

Q6: How do we synchronize MDF artifacts to the other instance?

A: Refer to Instance Synchronization

Q7: Are there any capabilities which will not be available after the deprecation of “SuccessFactors Extensions”?

A: Yes. Following capabilities will not be available anymore:

  1. - Creation, Deletion and Search capabilities for “SuccessFactors Extensions” 


  1. -Ability to group various objects, rules, workflows and UI together to form one extension will not be possible anymore.
  2. - Ability to group objects or picklists in an Extension 



  1. -Duplicate Extension and Publish Extension 


  1. -Entity Relationship View for objects  



Q8: For those missing features, any plan to provide the replacement or enhancement on existing feature?

A: No plan at this stage.

NOTE: There is no removal of  "Extensions on SAP BTP".


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