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3159990 - Recreate missing custom attribute (On-Premises)


Is it possible to recreate one of our Dictionary item is missing, due to accidental deletion. This attribute is referenced in many processes, so it would be very laborious to recreate it and re-reference it in every process.


It is possible to recreate an accidentally deleted attribute.
First of all, you need to find out the ID of the missing attribute - it always starts with "meta-" followed by a cleaned version of the initial title of that attribute, e.g. meta-processowner.
If you know a particular model, where the attribute was used, you can inspect its JSON representation (e.g. by looking into the /p/editordata request when opening it for editing) and look for an occurrence there.
Once you know the ID, you can create a new attribute definition (make sure to use the same data type as before!) and by giving it the same name as in the previous ID, we will assign the same ID to the new attribute again.
If that doesn't work for some reason, you can adjust the ID also in the DB, but that's a bit more effort.

Once the attribute exists with the same ID as before, then the Editor and all other components will recognise the values again for all models.
Beware: This only works for models - it does not work for custom attributes values of dictionary items! When you delete a custom attribute definition for a dictionary category, then all its values are immediately deleted from the DB!


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