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3160242 - How do I get the SAML response and can send it to the Signavio Customer Support?


We are getting an error message during the SAML authentication and already created an issue for the Signavio Customer Support. Now, we got the request to send a SAML-response to them. How can we do this step?


You can get the SAML-response with the network analysis. If you save this analysis, the Signavio Customer Support, can extract the needed SAML-response. Please don't use the Internet Explorer for the next step, as this browser isn't showing all necessary information. Afterwards, please do the following steps:

  • Open the developer tools from your browser (F12)
  • Open the tab "network" (Edge) or "Network analysis" (Firefox or Chrome)
  • Activate the checkbox to not delete the preserve logs (Chrome or Firefox)
    • In Edge you can find the checkbox under the "Console"-tab
  • After the activation, please delete the current entries
    • Chrome: Clear-button
    • Firefox: Trash-icon
    • Edge: "Delete session"-icon
  • Reproduce the SAML error message (e. g. open the origin page again)
  • After you get the error message, search the entries for the line "saml2endpoint" or "api/v2/saml/v2/tenant/<your tenant ID>/login"
  • If you don't see the mentioned line, please retry the last steps. Otherwise, the SAML-response will not be saved
  • If you see the line "saml2endpoint" or "/api/v2/saml/v2/tenant/<workspace ID>/login"
  • Please save the network analysis as a HAR-file
    • Chrome: right-click on any line and choose "Save as HAR with content"
    • Firefox: right-click on any line and choose "Save everything as HAR"
    • Edge: Press the disc-icon
  • Upload the file to your Support issue


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