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3160477 - Need to delete few analytical reports from Workflow SWA


I cannot delete some reports from Workflow. The user that created them as left so they are not needed.


you cannot delete the reports, because the owner of the reports has been removed and only the owner is allowed to remove the reports.

In this case, once you define a replacement for the removed user in the organization settings, the replacement user will own the report and can delete it.

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INLINEDeleting users

Administrators can also delete users, with the delete button next to the user name.

Replacing users

If you want to delete a user account, for example, because the user is leaving your organization, unfinished tasks for this account may still exist. In this case, specify a replacement who will take over open task assignments. The replacement user will then have exactly all access rights to complete open tasks and cases, but not automatically inherits group memberships of the deleted user. Also be aware that the assignment for closed tasks is not changed for audit reasons.

The user is replaced

  • in workflows: owner, assignments, candidates, default values for form fields, transition conditions, JavaScript test values, access rights
  • in reports: owner, access rights
  • in open tasks: assignments, candidates, access rights
  • in cases: the replacement user gets access rights for cases started after the replacement and implicit view on cases where the replaced user is assigned a task or candidate for a task

The user is not replaced

  • in conditions: in custom rules in form fields and groups, in transitions (e.g. in automatic gateways), in reports
  • in cases: the replacement user does not get access rights to cases started before the replacement


Deleted users are removed from all groups in which they were included. You must manually assign their replacement.

Whenever you delete a user, a dialogue where you can define a replacement appears.

Deleted users with task assignments and without replacement set are listed as Former users and administrators are weekly reminded to specify a replacement.


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