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3165350 - Best Practices of Job Description Formatting for Recruiting


Many times customers report that RMK does not preserve the job description format as it is there in RCM system


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  • When Rx Real-time Job Sync is implemented, jobs created in RCM will automatically display on the RMK front-end website. All formatting, text, html, and CSS included in the job description will be sent to RMK. At times, third party formatting can cause the job descriptions in RMK to look messy and inconsistent. RMK does not have the ability to clean incorrect formatting that is imported from RCM. It is the responsibility of the client to keep job descriptions formatted properly.
  • Job descriptions do support basic HTML formatting and RCM includes a rich text editor to make job description formatting easy and intuitive.
  • When pasting job description content from a Microsoft Word document, the content contains formatting and tags not supported by web browsers. 


There are several approaches to ensure the job description content only contains formatting that will appear properly to candidates when they are viewing the posting. Here are some best practices and things to consider when creating Job Description in Recruiting:

  • It is always advisable to sanitize the text before posting it into the editor (remove unnecessary/unwanted formatting and keep it as basic as possible)
  • If content was taken from another web page, use plain-text editors like Notepad to strip formatting and HTML tags from the content
  • Unwanted formatting and HTML tags may exist if content was copied from another web page or source which can cause formatting issues once pasted in the text editor
  • The "Paste from Microsoft Word" and the "Paste as Plain Text" feature of the text editor have been removed which is part of the previous releases as stated in KBA 2082096 - Using the Text Editor When Creating a Requisition in SuccessFactors Recruiting.
  • As suggested, you can paste the copied content into the editor by using "CTRL + V" instead or by right-click > "Paste as plain text" (Note: Depending on version of your browser, this option may not be available)
  • Consider the character limit too
    • The character limit allowed for Job Description in general is 4,000 characters (estimated as 1 byte per character - this means depending on the characters you're using, you may not be able to store up to 4000 characters as other characters such as bullets takes about 4 bytes each)
    • Check this KBA 2547310 - Job Description Size Limit - RCM to know more about this

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