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3165592 - How To Move write-locks from on Language Adaptation to another


The same text ('007abc' represents the text pool ID) was collected in 2 Language Adaptations (shortened to LA, we will refer to LA1 and LA2 to represent the first and second language adaptation).

Hence the latter (LA2) got a write lock for this text and you cannot edit the text there.

You don't want it to be editable in LA1 but in LA2.


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This is how to move write-locks from on LA to another:

Prerequisite: Text '007abc' is editable in LA1 and has a write lock in LA2.

  1. Make sure LA2 shows the correct target text for '007abc' even though it is read-only.
  2. If this is not the case do a 'Collect Texts of LA2'. (Alternatively, simply take a copy of the desired target text from LA1 for a later copy&paste).
  3. Now delete the text row '007abc' from LA1 (select the table row and use the 'Remove' action for this).
  4. Now execute 'Collect Texts' on LA2.
  5. After 'Collect Texts' has finished, it should still show the target text but now it will be editable.
  6. Doing a 'Collect Texts' at LA1, the text will appear again but this time it will be read-only there.

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