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3190579 - SAP SuccessFactors Integrations Release FAQ – First Half 2022 (1H 2022)


This KBA has the objective to share the 1H 2022 release features in scope of the SAP support components LOD-SF-INT-*** (SAP SuccessFactors Integrations).


  • SAP SuccessFactors Integrations
    • Webservices SFAPI and OData
    • CompoundEmployee
    • Data Replication Monitor
    • Integration Center & 3rd Party Integration
    • Employee Central APIs
    • ERP Suite integrations + middleware’s


Product Documentation

The following documentation can be also found on the SAP Help Portal under SAP SuccessFactors Release Information, quick links to the "What's New" section in each document can be found below for the latest release.

Find below the main products page links and handbooks of Integrations:

In the table below we can see the 1H 2022 release features in scope of the SAP support components LOD-SF-INT-*** (SAP SuccessFactors Integrations):

Product AreaSupport ComponentDescriptionReference NumberWhat's New Viewer
IntegrationsLOD-SF-EC-SRVIntegration with SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone as a Knowledge BaseECT-184799link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-EC-SRVX.509 Certificate Authentication with SAP Cloud for CustomerECT-164953link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-CENew Identity Information Segment for Employee Central Compound Employee APIECT‑132073link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-CENew Pay Component Category Information in Benefits Integration MDFsECT‑185149link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-CEOAuth 2.0 Support for Employee Delta Export Add-In for Microsoft ExcelECT‑164674link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECDeprecation of V12 Employee Profile APIsEDU‑17712link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECRule Context for API Upsert in the Business Configuration UIECT‑186237link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECEnhanced OData Entity User to Query Primary AssignmentECT‑156392link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECEnhanced OData Entity User to Query Assignment UUIDECT‑177980link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECEnhanced MDF FO OData APIs with New PropertyECT-186717link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECEnhanced OData API EmpEmployment with Navigation to OnboardingInfoECT‑174852link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECEnhanced OData APIs FOCostCenter and FOCompany with New PropertyECT-186537link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECData Privacy Consent Statements for Profile PhotosEDU‑16966link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECEnhanced OData Entity Photo to Query Photos by Employee's Person UUIDEDU‑16919link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECA Single Profile Photo for an Employee with Multiple EmploymentsEDU‑17994link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECCentralized Services Support Non-Recurring Pay Component ImportsECT‑133392link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECCentralized Services Support Recurring Pay Component ImportsECT‑133297link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECCentralized Services Support Global Assignment ImportsECT‑163304link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ECCentralized Services Support Termination Details ImportsECT‑163307link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-INC-JOBExclude Empty Files or Requests for Outbound IntegrationsINT-13661link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-INC-JOBEmail Enhancement in Integration CenterINT-13907link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-INC-JOBGuardrails in Integration CenterINT-13716link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-INC-JOB<Incident Prevention> Calculated filter does not work in preview for attachment type exportINT-9271n/a
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-INC-XMEnhancements in Execution ManagerINT-13650link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-INC-XMRemoval of 30-Days Log Retention Period in Execution ManagerINT-13731link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ODATAEnhanced OData Entity UserAccount to Query User TypePLA‑28433link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ODATAAnnouncement; new throttling quota/rate limitAPI‑21198link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ODATADeprecation of HTTP Basic Authentication for APIsAPI‑14291link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-ODATADeprecation of Three To-Do APIsAPI‑16154link
IntegrationsLOD-SF-INT-PAYX.509 Certificate Authentication for Point-to-Point IntegrationPAY‑17066link

Disclaimer: other 1H 2022 integrations features can be also checked in this page What's New Viewer ( In the table above we covered the ones supported under the SAP support components LOD-SF-INT-***.


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