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3191202 - User is receiving multiple Notification Messages for a document which is already closed or completed or stopped


You have already closed a project and related documents but a user can see multiple notifications for these documents in their inbox. But these notification tasks are not visible in Business Task Management work center view like standard notifications.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Log in as the respective user
  2. Go to Home work center
  3. Select Inbox
  4. The user can see multiple notifications for the particular document which is already closed/completed. 


These notifications are not visible in Business task management because they are raised from work flow rules which you have set up in the system. You have set a condition that the rule will be triggered whenever a closed/stopped project is updated.

In your case, even though the project is not directly modified or updated but some organizational changes were done after the projects got closed.

Whenever there are organizational changes in  the org structure, this has an impact on the Access Control List of business objects. The Access Control List is used in the business objects to determine the access restriction for business object instances for specific organizations and persons. Upon organizational changes, the Access Control List is then updated for every affected business object (e.g. project). You can see some automatic changes by technical user are logged under "Changes" tab.

This is the reason why the workflow rules were triggered which sent notification even though project was not modified after it was closed/stopped/completed. This general behavior of updating the Access Control List can't be changed.


You can extend the workflow rule by using the "Value Before Object Change" indicator.

The condition can be updated with following values:"Value Before Object Change" set to true should consider the project status for example to be "Started". This will then keep track once the Project Status moves from "Started" to "Closed".

Similarly, do it for status "Stopped" (Keep track of move from "Started" to "Closed" or "Closed" to "Stopped" or any other specific status change).

This would reduce such situation as the workflow rules would only be triggered on status transitions.


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