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3191244 - What are the Available Reporting data for Recruiting in Recruiting V2 and ODATA API - Recruiting Management


This article describes the available Recruiting data that can be reported via Ad Hoc Report Recruiting V2 and ODATA API.

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In general there are 3 types of field data in Recruiting that can be reported, be it in Ad Hoc or Integration Center (API) reports.

a. Standard fields - fields defined as custom="false" in any recruiting template (Job Requisition, Job Application, Candidate, Offer) and are reportable by default.

For Example: The field 'status' will be shown in the reports as 'Requisition Status'.

<field-definition id="status" type="picklist" required="false" custom="false">
<field-label><![CDATA[Requisition Status]]></field-label>
<field-description><![CDATA[Requisition Status]]></field-description>
b. Custom fields - fields defined as custom="true" in any recruiting template (Job Requisition, Job Application, Candidate, Offer) and are set as reportable in Provisioning > Configure Reportable Custom Fields.

For Example: The field 'custContractType' will be shown in the reports as 'Contract Type'.

<field-definition id="custContractType" type="picklist" required="false" custom="true">
<field-label><![CDATA[Contract Type]]></field-label>
<field-description><![CDATA[Contract Type]]></field-description>

c. Default fields - fields that are reportable by default but are not defined in any recruiting template, for example, Agency information or Job Req Status Audit data. Note: The default fields cannot be controlled or customized, they are hard-coded in the system.

In general, the fields are reported under the entity that corresponds to the template they are defined in. Fields in the Job Requisition template can be found in the JobRequisition entity, fields in the Job Application template can be found in the JobApplication entity, and so on and so forth. 

However, there are special standard fields like jobTitle that is defined under the Job Requisition template but is found under JobRequisitionLocale in ODATA API or operator fields like Recruiter, Recruiting Team, Coordinator, etc., which are not reported directly under Job Requisition entity but are instead found under separate operator entities such as Recruiter, Recruiting Team, Coordinator entities in Ad Hoc. 

<field-definition id="title" type="text" required="true" custom="false">
<field-label><![CDATA[Position Title]]></field-label>
<field-description><![CDATA[Position Title]]></field-description>

<field-definition id="recruiterName" type="operator" required="true" custom="false">

A. In ODATA API Data Dictionary - JobRequisitionLocale entity shows the Job Title Information instead of the JobRequisition entity.

B. In Ad Hoc Report, the Operator information like Recruiter has a separate entity instead of being reported under the Job Requisition entity. This is true for all the other operator and operator team fields like Hiring Manager, Hiring Manager Team, Coordinator, Coordinator Team, etc.

Moreover, it is of note, that the Structure of Reportable fields differ in ODATA API Data Dictionary and Ad Hoc Report, that closely resembles SFAPI Data Dictionary. This means there are some fields reported by default in Ad Hoc but not in ODATA API and vice versa. 

Note: The fields and entities being compared here are the default field and entities under both report features. The standard and custom fields should be reported as is in Ad Hoc and ODATA API, except for the special circumstances of fields like jobTitle and operator fields.

For example, Agency referral can be reported via Ad Hoc Recruiting V2 through any of the following entities, whereas, there are no Agency entities or fields in the ODATA API, except for agencyInfo under the JobApplication entity. 

Referral Agency linked on Application
Referral Agency linked on Candidate
Referral Agency linked on Job Requisition

Another example is reporting Referral Types in Ad Hoc Recruiting V2 through any of the following entities. However, the closest ODATA API entity that can return referral data is CandidateEmployeeReferral but even that only contains Referral ID and Referred By fields and not Referral Type. 

Referrals linked on Application
Referrals linked on Candidate
Referrals linked on Job Requisition

There are instances where the entity names are different in Ad Hoc Recruiting V2 and ODATA API. For example, for application status data, the ODATA API has JobApplicationStatusAuditTrail and JobApplicationStatus, while Ad Hoc Recruiting V2 App Status Audit Trail.

We do not have a definitive list on what fields and entities are available in the Recruiting V2 domain but as long as you have permissions to create Recruiting Reports, you should be able to see all the available fields and entities. Meanwhile, the ODATA Reference Guide contains all the fields and entities in the ODATA API Data Dictionary and their short description.

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